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WITCHER 3: How To Level Up Fast (5 Easy Methods)

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It was a delight to be pleasantly surprised at the number of players jumping in to Witcher 3 for their first time.

SteamCharts indicate that the game has more than 10k active users per day. This is a good result for a game that was released in 2015.

This guide will help you get leveled up faster, no matter if you are a veteran player or a beginner.

Witcher3 is an excellent game and should be played at least once during your gaming life. The leveling system is quite brutal, however.

You will not be able to beat high-level enemies because of the low XP rewards. This means that you must continue to grind for XP in order to equip better gear and defeat high-level monsters.

This is all part of the fun. These tricks will make it even more fun.

1. Equip the Noonwraith Trophy

Each little bit of XP you can gain will go a long way in helping level up in Witcher 3! The Noonwraith Trophy is a great addition to your journey.

This trophy gives you 5% XP when equipped for Roach. Although it may seem small, this trophy is a significant boost for grinding for XP.

The Noonwraith trophy is possible by completing the Witcher Contract Devil By The Well. This contract is available at an early stage of the game.

2. Explore the Map

Side quests and main missions in Witcher 3 reward very little XP, and they take a lot of time to complete. This is not the best way of farming XP.

Exploring the map is a good way to start. You can explore the map by going to areas marked with a question mark (?) They will often reveal treasures, enemy camps, great rewards and even reward you with them.

3. Farm Drowners

This is the best way to farm XP in Witcher 3! This trick was used in my third leveling up playthrough. In just a few hours, I was able to level up from level 5 to 11.

It’s boring and tedious, so I rank it lower. Here’s how it works if you insist.

Make sure you have your Crossbow ready before you attempt this method. Crossbow is obtained in the Beast of White Orchard missions.

Step 1 Move to the marked area on the map. The abandoned ship is located on a small piece of land. You’ll find 2-3 drowners as you jump into the water.

Step 2 Use your crossbow to shoot them. Because the Crossbow is extremely powerful underwater, it only takes one shot.

Step 3 Now, turn around and go back to the place where the drowners were (basically, do a 360-degree rotation). There will be 2 more drowners. They must be taken down.

Step 4 – Continue doing this over and over until you can gain one level every 20-30 minutes.

4. Don’t let your enemy upscaling get in the way

This option can be used if Witcher 3 is too difficult or if you are doing side-quests at lower levels.

Enemy upscaling will match your character level with the enemies you meet.

Even if your level is lower, enemies will still be encountered in areas or side-quests. This will allow you to earn more XP.

Go to the main menu to turn on this option. Next, go to Options >>Gameplay. Turn On the Enemy Scaling option.

This option can be toggled whenever you want it. If you find a boss or monster difficult to defeat, turn it off.

5. Farm Monster Nests

This is a similar method to farming drowners except that it takes place on the land.

Find a monster nest on the map. Because there are three nests within the area, it is worth looking for the marked spot in Velen.

Kill all the monsters and go there. However, don’t destroy nests.

The monsters will return if you meditate. Get rid of them.

Keep going until you reach XP.

Have fun!

Don’t worry about level grinding. You can defeat high-level enemies if you have a solid skill set.

Enjoy the story and game. This is the best part about the game.

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