Windows Hidden Features That You Don’t Know

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Every day when you use Computers, we use lots of apps & tool to easy our work. Some of these are free & some other are paid or trial. Today I am going to discuss here some of the Windows hidden features that we don’t know or we use them rarely. These features easy our work as well as help us to sort lots of problems in our PC. These tools or apps are inbuilt & free to use.

Snipping Tool: –

You want more screen grab options; windows can capture entire screen to clipboard if you press [Print Screen], or just the current window if you press [Alt] + [Print Screen]. If you want more, though, launch SnippingTool.exe. It can also grab rectangular or even freehand areas from any part of screen you like.

Easy Transfer

if you are changing your PC and want to move your old files to new one. Then Easy Transfer is a tool supplied with Windows that makes this very simple. Search in start for Easy Transfer in Windows. Help for more details.

Display Color Calibration Wizard

If your monitor’s colors are inaccurate. First try adjusting with your monitor’s physical control. If that’s no help, click ‘Start’, type DCCW.EXE and Press [Enter] to launch the Display Color Calibration Wizard, which should help you, improve the situation.


If your text doesn’t look clear enough then Launch CTTUNE (the Clear Type text tuning wizard) from the Start and follow the instructions provided.

Virus Removal

Your pc infected with virus, before you try downloading a security tool, click ‘Start’, type MRT and press [Enter]. If it’s installed you will see Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which may be able to help remove the virus from your PC.


When you want to figure out why your system acting flaky, the Reliability Monitor helps you a lot. Click on ‘Start’, type Reliability and press [Enter]. You will get a graph of your system’s stability index over a period of days and weeks. It display you which of the programs, components, or miscellaneous crashed on a given day, helping you to identify the problem.

Problem Steps Recorder

When you need outside PC help, it’s much better to let them see for themselves what’s happening on your system. But if remote access isn’t an option, the Problem Steps Recorder may be the next best thing.

Click on ‘Start’, type PSR and press [Enter].Click on Start Record, and this will record your activities through a series of screen shots, automatically including captions that show exactly where you clicked. You can also use the Add Comment button to highlight specific areas of the screen and insert custom annotations. When you stop recording, everything will be stitched together and saved as a Web browser-compatible MHTML (MIME HTML) file, conveniently pre-Zipped and ready for e-mailing to your geek of choice.

PC’s Resources

How can I tell what’s tying up my PC’s Resources? Click ‘Start’, type resmon and press [Enter]. Your PC will tell you what’s using CPU, hard drive and internet connections.

These are some of the features. Hope this post will helpful.

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