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Why Should We Have A Cyber-Security System?

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In this article, we are dealing with cyber-security. With each of the passing day, we are relying on the internet. There are many tasks which we cannot do without the use on internet. The list of these works is getting longer and longer with each of the passing day. Cyber space is thus being more and more crowded. It is also obvious that the threats are also been increasing. Cyber-security is therefore a major concern. However, many of us are not aware of this. Let us go a bit deep in this concept.

The cyber-security

Many of us may have received e-mails which ask us about our personal information. They ask for our bank account number, our father’s middle name and so on. They generate e-mails in such a manner that they look quite convincing. Please note that this is just a trap. Here, we have to keep in mind that they send these kind of e-mails to several people in bulk. Try never to give any response to these type of e-mails.

Advantages of cyber-security

To understand the advantages of the cyber-security, we should have a good knowledge of the potential threats. The advantages include:

  • No compromise with the personal information
  • Secure bank details
  • Secure credit card details
  • No danger of being hacked over internet
  • No danger of disclosure of the confidential information
  • No danger of any kind of computer forgery

Major steps that need to be checked for cyber-security

In this highly technical world, there can be hardly a fool-proof method for cyber-security. But certain points must be followed to ensure that the security is not compromised at the very basic level. Some of the critical steps include:

  • Identity theft
  • Never try to answer the suspicious e-mails.

Never give or share your credit card and other bank details over the internet.

  • Banks specifically mention that they will not ask you for your personal bank details on internet via e-mail. Thus, next time you get an email which asks you for your bank details, put it on the spam.
  • Think before you click

Crime and cyber-security

whenever the issue over cyber-security arrives, it becomes quite natural to discuss the crime related. The crimes related in this case may include:

  • Child pornography
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Cyber stalking
  • Copying or distribution of computer programs
  • Unauthorized access to computers
  • Computer sabotage
  • Computer forgery
  • Bank card fraud (include debit card and master card)
  • Credit card fraud
  • Any other computer related crime

Your words on the cyber-security

Internet connection have been cited as a point of attack more frequently than the internal systems. Cyber-security is till now a young and immature field. The attackers are more innovative than defenders. Attack back is illegal or classified. However, in the near future, Cyber-security will become a scientific discipline. Cyber-security will be more and more technology centric. Cyber-security will never be “solved” but will be “managed”. Also, attack back will be an integral part of cyber-security. Thus, try to beware of the potential threats of the future. Please reply of the post through your comments. The section for discussion is always open.

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