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Why It Is Difficult To Make (Enough) Money Out Of A Blog

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With millions of blog sites populating the internet, it is now very hard to make money out of a blog than ever before. If you started blogging 10 years ago, the situation would have been different and making money fairly easy. But since blogging is already a tough field to compete in, making money out of it has also become difficult. But there are still ways to make some money out of your blog so there is no need to give up. Here are some reasons why it is difficult to make money from a blog and hopefully you would avoid the mistakes that most bloggers including me are guilty of.

Failure to plan ahead

Publishing a website is like starting a new business. There must be a plan beforehand and it must necessarily include the strategies to be used to drive traffic and later on monetize the site. As one popular saying goes, “Failure to plan is the same as planning to fail.”

There is so many competition

With millions of blogging websites and thousands more created almost every day, the field of battle to get the attention of visitors is highly competitive. Imagine a huge marketplace where there are many businesses competing with each other. That in encapsulated form is how competition in the internet is going. You have to shout out loud just to get noticed. The problem is how are you going to shout when you’re business is in the internet.

You can do it only through your website contents. Remember however that all other bloggers are also shouting to get noticed so that makes it even more difficult if you are a new player in an already crowded marketplace. There is now a brutal competition going on that most new bloggers are waylaid and not allowed to grow by the competition. You have to fight real hard just to get noticed and may need to sometimes spend money to get within striking distance of your competitors.

Website has not enough content

A blogging website needs to have as much content as possible. Aside from considerable volume of content, there must also be regular posting of new and fresh contents to get more page views. You need to write a lot on a consistent basis and must also focus on your target keyword/phrases.

There is not much traffic to the site

It is difficult to make money out of a blog if it has not much organic traffic to begin with. I had this problem before and until now I’m trying to get more traffic. There is actually no ceiling when it comes to traffic potential for your blog but the biggest challenge is how to take off or hit the ground running if you have a new website.

Blog has no Pagerank

It is difficult to make money out of a blog if it has no pagerank to show in the first place. Search engines determine the appropriate pagerank and it is based mostly on the number of backlinks you have so you also have to build backlinks in the process.

Your blog is still new, well relatively

Obviously, you need to wait for a few months or years before you can start focusing on making money out of your blog. Some website owners actually have to wait years before they started making money in trickles. Do not expect much money as it could start with just a few cents depending on your chosen ads platform. Think of your website as like a wine being aged. The more aged it is, the more it can earn money for you in the end. My website is still new and I’m looking at it as like a whisky being aged to perfection. Twelve years, nahh that is too long, lol.

Just like starting an offline business, you have to sacrifice first before you can start to make money out of your blog. If you’re thinking of making a lot of money, might as well take away your mind from it because it may not happen at all. Competition is so tough that only a few big blogs that started way back are making enough money nowadays. Most of the start-ups and small blogs are just making small amount sometimes just enough to pay for web hosting expenses.

You are not linking to related sites

A small blog must be able to link to big blogs in the same niche. If you can’t beat them, join them is the trend online and this is done by creating backlinks. If you have links from big blogging platforms, you can ride on its popularity and given ranking by search engines. But this is the technical side that can be discussed later in my other post.

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