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Why Does Valorant Update So Slow: Know How To Fix It

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Many Valorant players want to update the game as quickly as possible, but they end up asking why it is so slow. You can fix the problem, I promise. You can fix the problem by reading this article and downloading it faster.

Why Valorant Update So Slow

Regular updates are released by the game. The 3.08 update was released recently and players have access to it. Many players have issues updating. It can also be frustrating and annoying at times because you don’t have patience in these situations.

After an update has been released, Valorant client is opened. You click on the Update button. It may take some time before you can minimize the client. You can now watch videos and multitask. You later notice that the client has stopped downloading the update. Valorant often updates the game in the background.

This could be due to many factors. Another reason could be issues with DNS or routers. You might also have a problem with your background applications. Low-end computers don’t tend to pay much attention to clients that are minimal.

Let’s now move on and learn how to fix the Valorant slow update.

How to Fix It?

There are several ways to speed up your update. We now know why Valorant updates are so slow. Let’s look at the solutions.

Method-1: Reset Router

Resetting your router can help you have a stable internet connection. There are ways to fix it.

Sometimes, the routers will work better after a restart. You can also try this one.

Method-2 Troubleshooting DNS

You may be able to help with the update by troubleshooting your DNS. Right-click on the right sidebar, where you see the wifi mark, to troubleshoot the network.

Method-3: No Background Apps

This could be one way to speed up Valorant’s update. This is not an issue on high-end computers.

Method-4: Pause And Start Again

This is a great way to resolve the problem. You can also pause and cancel the update to fix the issue, then start it again.

These were the steps taken to correct the slow Valorant update

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