Download Whatsapp For PC (Windows XP/7/8/10/Mac)

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Are you looking to Download Whatsapp on computer? If yes, you have just landed on the best place on the internet where we will teach you how to install Whatsapp For PC. We have split this complete tutorial in simple sections. Please read out all Whatsapp related sections and enjoy.

We all know very well that Almost every smartphone now has giant instant messengers – Whatsapp.

Remember the time before Whatsapp or any instant messaging app? Yes, We had to pay huge for sending messages  to our beloved ones. It was quite difficult to send messages in bulk to our friends even if there is any kind of emergency. The condition used to become even worse on major festival events. We had to pay huge charges for sending wish messages to friends and family.

Download Whatsapp For PC

#1 Use Whatsapp On PC/Computer with online web version:-

Well, to this solution, they have come up with Whatsapp. Since the launch of whatsapp, a lot of messaging apps are now into market but who cares. This tiny application is so useful that there is no limit to the number of messages one can send or the characters in the message. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about international messages. Whole world in under your fingers. Think of a best wish or messages, pick the contact number and hit send and all done.

Download Whatsapp For PC and you can send free messages in the form of photos, audio messages, videos, etc. With the release of new versions, you can now send pdf documents too. What a feature. You don’t need an email account now. Due to these features, Whatsapp is now the biggest platform to send instant messages and it will be that’s why more people want to download whatsapp for PC.

Whatsapp For PC Free Download

Keeping in mind the same thing, we have to decided to write a tutorial on Download Whatsapp On Computer. So that you can use Whatsapp on PC too.

Well, there are two methods by which you can use whatsapp on PC. One is use a Whatsapp web version and second one is to Download Bluestacks or any alternative app which can play android apps on pc and install whatsapp from play store and enjoy.

We are going to explain you both forms to use whatsapp on computer. Just keep on reading to download whatsapp for pc free:-

New Update!

Official Whatsapp announced on 21 Jan 2015 that they have launched Official web version for PC. Users can now open their web browser and use whatsapp online. This was such milestone for whatsapp that a lot of peoples instant reacted to it and started using Whatsapp on Windows PC.

Download Whatsapp On Computer

Users who are using Whatsapp on Android or Windows Phone device can now go to and Use whatsapp online. All they need to scan a QR code with their android or windows phone and use whatsapp for pc free download.

Didn’t get it? When you will login to A QR code will appear on PC Screen which you will need to scan with your android or windows phone in order to verify your whatsapp number.

How to Download Whatsapp For PC:-

One thing you will need is that you will need to update your whatsapp apps on the latest version. Only then you will be able to use Whatsapp on PC from web browser. So what to do to Download Whatsapp For PC?

  1. Update Whatsapp App to latest version.
  2. Open on your web browser.
  3. Open the app on your Android Smartphone or Windows Phone.
  4. Scan the QR Code displayed on PC Screen.
  5. Once it will verify. All done. Enjoy Whatsapp on PC now.

Although, Whatsapp can now be used for PCs but it has more number of bugs as of now. Plus, in order to use whatsapp on PC, you always need to stay connected to PC all the time. If you can afford this, they you are good and go.

Download Whatsapp For Computer

#2 Download Whatsapp for PC Using Bluestacks:-

If you can’t operate this long operation then we have come up with another solution to solve your problem. Now to use whatsapp on PC, you will need to Download Bluestacks on PC to download Whatsapp on PC.

Well, Bluestacks is a Android Emulator for Windows and Mac. It is a app player which can run any android app on your windows pc as well as on Mac. All you need to do is to download the compatible version. In my humble opinion, installing a Android Emulator on PC is an ultimate solution to your all android related problems. Just install this android emulator and use any app you want to run on PC and perfom whatsapp for pc free download.

Well moving ahead, we are talking about Downloading Whatsapp on PC. There are only few apps which are not compatible with Bluestacks otherwise you can run any app with this android emulator. There are other alternatives to Bluestacks to in the market these days, you now has choice download whatsapp for pc free. 😀

Download Whatsapp On PC

The downloading and installing procedure of Whatsapp app is so easy. After downloading, whatsapp will ask you two grant two permissions, Access App Store which of course you have to say yes and another is to display App notifications. Accept both and proceed further and continue to install. You may also asked to upgrade your graphics driver to latest version so that all apps can run smoothly.

Follow the simple steps below and Download Whatsapp on PC:-

  • Download Bluestacks from this link – Click Here
  • Once the Bluestacks app is installed, you will need to download Whatsapp from App store.
  • Simply Click on Search Button on the screen on Bluestacks and type “Whatsapp”.
  • Click on the option which says ‘Search Play for Whatsapp’.
  • Now Bluestacks will ask you to Sync AppStore and Apps. Accept and proceed further.
  • Now to download any app from App Store, you need a account.
  • Simply enter your Google Account details and proceed to Download Whatsapp for PC.
  • Now you will be taken to Google Play Store.
  • Find Whatsapp and Hit Download Button. All done.

How easy it was to Download Whatsapp For PC!!! Even a 4-5th standard guy can do this.

Download Whatsapp For PC Free

Now you have whatsapp installed on your PC. All the further steps are easy and are same as you install whatsapp on Android phone.

Simply follow the steps and perform whatsapp for pc free download. In you can’t, please read on:-

After downloading Whatsapp for PC, you will be asked to enter information about your phone number to enable the service on the PC.

Just enter the mobile number you want to use and hit confirm. Whatsapp will automatically detect your number. If not, wait for few minutes and enter that code which you received on your phone. Usually, You have to enter this confirmation code manually on your Bluestacks Whatsapp to confirm. All done to use whatsapp for pc free download!

You are now connected to Whatsapp through PC via Bluestacks. Start sending and receiving SMS on your Whatsapp on PC. Enjoy. One good thing about using whatsapp on PC is that you can open your web browser, search for cool whatsapp messages. Copy those messages and paste them to Whastapp on PC. This is the coolest thing I found on PC. Send unlimited number of messages from copying from web.

You need to pay attention while using Whatsapp on PC that whatsapp only allows one mobile number per account and device. And now you are using same mobile number on two devices. You may be asked to verify your mobile number again on your Android Phone. Just verify your mobile number again.

Final Thought:-

You have successfully learnt how to download Whatsapp for PC and how to use Whatsapp on PC using two simple methods. This is the ultimate guide on Whatsapp use on PC. Hope this has helped you in setting up whatsapp on PC. Well, bluestacks has a large use base and it was the first to come out with this unique idea of running whatsapp apps pc. Later a lot of applications have been launched in the market offering the same service with user interface.

Well, thanks a lot for sharing your valuable time with us. If this tutorial helped you then please share this with your friends. Thanks a lot for reading and surviving till here with us. Thanks again. You are Awesome :D. Bye.

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