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What To Focus On To Make Money From A New Blog

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So many things have been said and written about how to make money from a new blog. So many advises and so many experts but most of the tips were all meant to just fill the space and create a post for their website. I am not an expert but because I have my own website, I learned a few important things that can help in making money out of a blog website. Here are the things I learned that you must have right from the start.

Game plan

At the very outset you have to make the decision on whether to monetize your blog or not. This is even before you start buying a domain name and building a website. It would help if you have a game plan which others would like to call as business plan to sound more professional. With a game plan right at the very outset, it would be easy to make the right choices early on. It can help a lot when it comes to your research on what kind of blog is appropriate for you along with the money making opportunities that come with it.

Your Niche

You have to choose your niche. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of focusing on your chosen niche.  This is actually the most difficult part because it is very difficult to find a niche that is not yet exposed in the worldwide web. When you type in the search box the niche that you have in mind, the search engine will show you how many posts and websites have already covered that niche. Some of the popular niches like health, make money online, and internet marketing for instance already have hundreds of millions of available information and this makes it very difficult to rank in these niches.

If you want to rank in your chosen niche that is already over-exposed in the worldwide web, you may have to spend a lot of money creating thousands of articles and building backlinks just to get to the pagerank that you need to get viewed by readers.

Focus on local niche

One of the ways to make sure that you can rank immediately is to narrow down your niche to a particular set of keywords targeting your local market. If you encountered a blog post with such phrases as “landscaping services in Alabama”, this shows that the website is targeting a local market and the search engines can consider it as the primary keywords for those looking for landscaping services in Alabama. If you want to focus on getting visits from a particular group of people, you can also narrow down the keywords to make it specific to that group of people you are targeting. One example of this is the health niche.

If you will just focus on general topics about health, it would be impossible to rank because there are probably millions of websites that focus on creating health articles. They have been there for several years now so your website is just like a fly that can be swatted anytime by the big players. If you want to rank in the health niche, you have to look at the many categories or variations that are covered by the term “health.” Is it bodybuilding, bodybuilding for women, bodybuilding for the physically impaired, and so on. There are hundreds of sub-niches when it comes to health and you have to consider this in choosing your own niche.

The value of keywords research

When you have chosen your niche, the next thing to do is to look for the appropriate keywords that can help you in promoting your site both to human readers and search engines. It is no longer advisable to focus on a single-word keyword. When you look for keywords, you have to focus on keyword phrases nowadays. The keywords must have a minimum of three words if possible to ensure that you can capitalize on its use. Long tailed keywords is now the trend because the use of single word keywords is already saturated. To continue on our “health” niche example, you can probably focus on the keyword phrase : “Home bodybuilding tips for teens” and build your content base using this keyword phrase.

Website content

When you passed the most difficult stage, the next stage is the most tedious and this is creating content for your website. Your website must have contents and being a blog, it must continuously have fresh and original content added regularly. Search engines will rank your website based on the quality of blog posts with target keywords along with posting on a regular basis. Having very few posts is not good for a blog, plain and simple.

How to monetize your blog

When you have already uploaded contents on a regular basis and receiving traffic from visitors, the next step is to apply for chitika, ad sense, infolinks and other ads platforms like affiliate programs. Your income from these ad sites may not be significant but when you also have products or service to sell, it can help in generating more income in the long run. Do not be discouraged if ever you will be disapproved by any of the ad platforms. You have more options for sure and it is just a matter of choosing the best ad platform for your website. To make money from a new blog, you have to look at all the possibilities and not rely solely on ad sense and other ad providers.

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