Web Browsers And Search Engines Can Protect Computers From Viruses

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The problem about computer viruses has been the main concern of a lot of PC owners both big and small for many years now. It seems hackers can access your computer anytime they want and deface your website or destroy your files at will. After many years, it seems that nothing could be done to provide a long lasting solution to this internet malady. But there is actually a solution and it is the ultimate if only the right entities will make it a reality.

Web browsers should be tasked to eliminate internet viruses

Surfing the internet is made possible only when you use a browser like Google, Yahoo, and Bing among many others. The web browser serves as the gateway to the worldwide web and with the use of search engine, it recommends the websites that you can visit in the net. This is where your computer can be infected by viruses coming from the websites you visited.

What web browsers should do like Google is to ensure that no viruses can pass their platform. It is because they allow the entry of viruses that your computer gets infected. If only the web browsers will focus on this issue and do the cleaning themselves, no computer in the world can be hacked or files destroyed by viruses. There will also be no need to download anti-virus software every now and then and our internet experience can be truly trouble-free.
Web browsers should be obligated to protect us from viruses

You may say this is a clarion call that must be attended at once but since only the government can force web browsers like Google, Yahoo and Bing to make such improvement, it may only fall on deaf ears. Governments therefore must force the web browser owners and their search engines to weed out viruses in the internet. But the government has a hands-off policy when it comes to the internet and just focused on tax issues most of the time.

“If the spider bots of search engines can crawl every nook and cranny of the worldwide web for websites and so-called keywords, why not create “dragon bot” that will stop viruses from entering the web?”

It’s the least they can do

Web browsers like Google and Yahoo are raking in a lot of money from the internet. They grew a business empire out of the trust web users are giving them. To make the internet a safe place for all of us in terms of being virus free is the best they can do to return the favor. They have the technical know-how to do it and definitely this idea has crossed the minds of their research and development team. But why it is not being done could have millions of business reasons. Let’s hope that somehow it will become part of their agenda in the near future.

The first web browser or search engine that can offer completely safe internet experience will definitely earn the trust of a lot of internet users. Is there a race between them to this end? At the moment I don’t think so because they make a lot of money with the current set-up. The business of selling anti-virus software is robust and big companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing are also making money out of them so why bother. I hope this is not the case forever. Let’s make this a clarion call for them to act soon.

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