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Top 10 Ways To Leverage Email Marketing For Your Retail Business

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Email marketing is the way forward, claimed Olivia, who runs a retail bakery business.

Her friend Claira seemed to agree but had her share of doubts. Claira ran an email marketing campaign but failed to reap the desired results. She believed that email marketing is budget-friendly and ensures a wider reach, but she would have been satisfied had it attracted a decent number of leads and conversions.

She further went on to add that she was considering to collaborate with a professional agency for white label email marketing services but was unsure whether she should take the plunge or not.

That’s when Olivia decided to reassure Claira by sharing the top 10 ways that could help in leveraging retail business using email marketing.

Here’s what Olivia said:

Work on the headline:

Olivia asked Claira to improve her research around headlines. She said that the focus should be on removing the “spammy” element from email headlines. It is best to keep the headline short, crisp, and to the point.

Claira had been using long, unclear headlines, which was possibly why her emails landed in the prospect’s spam box. Olivia even suggested using free tools, which help with testing the effectiveness of headlines.

Write a powerful welcome email:

Claira focused on generic welcome emails, which could be one of the reasons behind negligible conversions in her business. Olivia suggested that welcome emails be made informative and value-packed.

Since welcome emails work as the first impression of a brand, they must stand out from the crowd.

Making emails a visual treat:

Claira’s email marketing revolved around text-intensive information. There is no harm with using text in emails, but the emails need to appear vibrant and lively even when you do so.

What modifications can Claira do? She can use bright colours, legible fonts, and format well so that readers don’t find her emails boring and monotonous.

Newsletters are Yay:

Readers love absorbing information as long as it is meaningful and impacts their lives. Feeding all the data in the email body can get a little difficult. What do you do then?

Float in a newsletter. You can tap on different newsletter ideas, from blog posts to tips & tricks, which can address the reader’s pain points.

Segment Customers:

Claira’s biggest mistake was that the same set of emails was going to her entire audience in totality. This mistake means a customer who had just made a purchase from Claira and a customer who didn’t know anything about Claira’s business was receiving the same email.

Do you see the gap? Undoubtedly, Claira’s email marketing campaign was doing no good for her business.

Play around Numbers:

Olivia feels her email marketing campaigns were a hit because she played a lot around numbers. Claire didn’t seem to understand this aspect of email marketing.

Olivia suggested that Claira infuse her subject lines and email body with numbers. Statistics can do wonders while projecting you as a brand that relies extensively on research.

Use a mix of media:

Olivia knows that there is a lot to do with emails. She can float text-backed emails, add full of life images, and also attach fun videos. This aspect offers variety to readers. No doubt, they look forward to Olivia’s emails.

Variety is the spice of life. An email marketing lesson taught by Olivia to Claira.

Roll out kickass content and CTAs:

Fancy elements won’t work if your content and CTAs are weak. A lesson Olivia has learnt the hard way.

Olivia suggested that Claira focus on creating impactful content. Some actionable tips are researching well, writing short sentences, using an active voice, and avoiding jargon. Also, it is vital to include powerful CTAs once or twice through email copy.

Experimentation never goes out of fashion:

After a brief conversation with Claira, Olivia concluded that Claira had given up too early. She suggested that Claira lay focus on experimentation. In the case of email marketing, no one strategy is right or wrong.

It all comes down to experimentation and seeing what works best for you and your readers.

Keep a check on the emailing days and time:

You may have come up with the best email marketing plan, but it means nothing if it reaches your prospect on a wrong day and at an inappropriate time.

Here again, it comes down to trial and error.

If you are running a retail business for which you would like to give email marketing a shot, you must do so without further delay. Email marketing is the way forward. Make it work for you by following Olivia’s secret email marketing tips.

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