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4 Ways to Create a WOW-worthy Meditation App User Experience

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Modern technology has managed to touch all aspects of living and life. This has even included mental health. Day-to-day stress tends to shift us away from the equilibrium, and towards the negative side of mental health. Hence, the creation of meditation apps. These self-care apps have shown to be quite profitable, both to the user and the owner.

But just like in all other apps, the ability to draw and maintain users is essential in meditation apps. To give you an idea of how to create a WOW-worthy meditation app, here are four main ideas that will ensure you ace it when creating your own.

#1 Delegate as Much as You Can

Even if you’re an expert, you don’t have to handle everything on your own. Various tasks can be tiring, time-consuming, and distracting. Concentrate on your main business objectives and delegate as much as possible. Outsourcing to a meditation app development company could be one of the best ways to collaborate with more experienced developers while lowering costs.

#2 Personalize the App

Whether it is through anxiety, stress, worry, or tension management, make the app defer for the different users using the app. This would require that the app takes in information about the user so that their choice of meditation therapy would fit why the app is in use. This simple feature is sure to skyrocket user engagement.

#3 Include Unique Features 

Apart from the basic features required in the meditation app, you end up choosing, be sure to include unique features in your app. Nothing would make it stand out more than when it has something that isn’t typically found in other meditation apps. It could be in-app recommendations, community chats, or push notifications. Detailed research should take you down the line of what is missing and should be available.

#4 Platform Versatility

One thing that would make your app wow-worthy is having a cross-platform application that runs for both iOS and Android users. The goal is to have a wide range of user engagement. Making it available for both Android and iOS users widens user engagement and increases your reach.

Key Features Your App Should Have

#1 User profile

You can use a user profile to collect vital information about your visitors. This would include their age, gender, location, and so on. Doing this will help you deliver relevant material and recommend customized meditation sessions.

#2 Sign in and sign up

If you want your users to access your app easily, then the sign-up and sign-in feature is a good strategy. You can also allow access through their Google or Facebook accounts. Plus, users like to connect their Instagram and Facebook platforms to their meditation app to enable social media integration.

#3 Streaming functionality

Create a database of meditations. Have plenty of audio and video sessions for the users.

#4 Personal statistics

Giving users statistics of their performance allows them to follow the progress of their fitness projects. Meanwhile, you can also add some gamification features to encourage users to meditate on a daily basis.

#5 Search bar and filters

With just a few clicks users can use the search bar in selecting the proper mindfulness session. In addition, in-app suggestions can suggest new meditations to users based on their prior search.This way it’s much easier for the users to maneuver the app.


The key to getting a five-star in this start-up is to venture into uniqueness. A meditation app is a self-care app. Nothing makes it even better than its ability to be programmed for individual needs.

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