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WARFRAME: How To Level Up Mastery Rank Fast

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It is difficult to level up in Warframe. It is a tedious grind. It’s part of the fun.

This guide will show you how to increase your Mastery Rank in Warframe.

Although this process is time-consuming, there are many ways to speed it up and increase your mastery rank.

Here’s how it works.

What is Mastery rank in Warframe?

Mastery rank is similar to Warframe’s level system. This is the overall ranking system that determines your progress in the game.

Mastery rank is distinct from the leveling system of weapons and Warframe.

Each Mastery rank you earn unlocks new weapons, Warframes and other features.

To use the Hek shotgun you must be at Mastery Rank 4.

You can use more powerful gear as you increase your Mastery Rank. It reaches its maximum at Mastery rank 30.

How to Increase Mastery Rank in Warframe

Mastery is required to increase or level-up Mastery Rank. Mastery can be earned by leveling up Weapons or Warframes.

3,000 Mastery Points are earned for every weapon levelled to 30. 6,000 Mastery Points are earned when you level up a Warframe to Level 30.

To summarize, you will need to create new weapons, Warframes and then level them up in order to earn Mastery Points to increase your Mastery rank.

Step 1: Make Weapons & Warframes

You can view your Warframe profile to see how many Mastery Points you will need to reach the next rank. You can then calculate how many weapons and Warframes are required to reach the next rank.

Next, get to work building weapons and frames. You don’t have to hate these weapons. You can build them, level them up to 30, and then destroy the weapon to move on to the next.

Make sure to check your Clandojo to see if you can grab blueprints to get more gear.

Step 2: Grind Saturn, Helene

Helene on Saturn is my favorite mission for leveling up gear.

This mission will allow you to rank a weapon/frame by performing 4-5 rounds of 10 wave missions.

It’s easier to do this when you are part of a group. You can use the Recruitment chat to locate a team that is farming Helene.

Step 3: Wait for Double Affinity Event

Weekends and Double Affinity events are great for leveling up your gear. I keep a few weapons, frames and other items in my Forge just in case.

These events allow you to level up your gear without needing to do too many rounds.

To be notified of Double Affinity events, keep an eye on Warframe’s Twitter page. It can be used to rank all your gear.

Optional Step 4: Use an Affinity Booster

Affinity Boosters can also be purchased from the Market to increase your gear leveling. A 3-day booster is about 40 Platinum.

You can maximize your chances of success by waiting for Double Affinity events and then grabbing a booster. You can earn 4X affinity by completing missions.

For just 2 rounds, you could easily level up your weapon by running 15 waves through Helene.

In conclusion

It is not easy to achieve Mastery Rank. I have been playing Warframe for more than 300 hours, and I am still at MR 13.

It takes time, as you can see. It will take several days to achieve Mastery Rank, even if you spend real money. Don’t rush the process. Enjoy the journey. This is the essence of Warframe.

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