Transmission – Download Torrents To iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch (Cydia Tweak)

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The torrent techniques have given the real freedom to share heavy files on the internet without hampering the overall performance for surfing. However, the advent of the Smartphone has hindered the trend. This is seen mainly due to the Apple deices as they do not have any compatibility for the third party app and accept only official app from the iTunes store.

It is not possible to use a third party app on the iPhone, iPod or iPad, not until you jailbreak the whole iDevice and get the root access to the iOS files. This will remove all the restriction for the access of the app that was earlier not possible. Now, user can Download Torrents to iPhone to get access to heavy file sharing. But, there are other options that will give you the access to the efficient file sharing system on your iDevice.



A transmission might be the new software for the people who are habitual of using the windows operating system. But, this is a nice tool for those who work on the Linux based system. Due to the effective features of the Transmission, it was assigned as the official torrent client for the Ubuntu and similar systems. The Transmission has proved to be a highly efficient in data transfer along with many other features which the normal torrent clients lack. Let’s have a quick look on the social features of the Transmission before having an overview of how to download the Transmission for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Apart from all the features, the main advantage of Transmission is its open source coding. The project is available to everyone as the open source and is popular for its simplicity. Unlike the normal torrent client, the Transmission does not offer third party add-on which makes its interface very simple and sophisticated.


  • Transmission does not have any annoying toolbar, pop ups or complex plug-ins.
  • It is free of cost and does not have any hidden feature which is unlocked after donation, payment or purchase in any form, unlike other torrent clients.
  • The open source project is available to everyone so that it can be modified as per the need and demand of the user.
  • The transmission does not have any kind of tracker or spying code for tracking the users’ IP address, third party forums, usages, download or any other private data.

Apart from all the above features, the Transmission is very simple and easy to use tool. Its sophisticated interface and fluent working make the people to finish their job within a few minutes. Also, its simple interface does not hinder the data transmission or its speed, or the system resources.


Due to all of the above features, the Transmission is perfect for the Smartphone, tablets and iDevice. This is because all these gadgets use lower configuration system to manage the resources. Hence, Transmission serves the purpose well. But, the iPhone can’t access any third party. After jailbreak, it needs an app that can allow the access to any app, like Cydia Tweak, that user wants to use. Here is how you can download the Transmission via Cydia Tweak.


  1. Visit the Cydia app website. Search for the Transmission app. This will helps you to find out Transmission quickly.
  2. Check the compatibility for the iDevice that you have. Be sure that your jailbreak type, iOS version and iDevice type matches the compatibility points as given for the Transmission Cydia Tweak.
  3. Optional – You can check for the reviews and ratings of the app and the website from where you are downloading.
  4. Click on the download, or install, button on the download page. That’s it.

Once you have downloaded the transmission Cydia tweak, get it installed the iPhone using the Cydia Tweak app in your iDevice. Enjoy!!

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