Top 10 Working Torlock Proxy/Mirror Sites To Unblock Torlock [2019]

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If you are just looking to find a site which only provides movies and TV shows then you just landed on the right place. TorLock is a site which is solely built for providing movies and TV shows unlike other sites out there which are just a big and huge network of different categories to make you confused enough. It is not necessary that all your needed movies and TV shows will be available on these sites because they are not specifically focused on movies and TV shows like TorLock. Moreover, due to huge database of files of different kinds of Medias, they get lot of traffic resulting in slow loading speed of websites. Most of them are unverified and are now inactive.

For many years, TorLock helped us in downloading fast speed torrents of movies and TV shows via its main website But due to recent passed internet piracy laws, accessing TorLock like websites is not considered to be legal anymore. All ISPs are being ordered to block the internet access to these torrent websites. So, if you are unable to load TorLock like websites on your PC, it’s possible that your ISP has blocked it from accessing.

But because Govt and ISPs has blocked our access to these sites, doesn’t mean they are not operating. They are still working fine but can’t accessed from your location. We simply can’t give up on such awesome torrent sites and hence need to find some method to access these sites and download our favorite movies and TV shows.


One such method of accessing these blocked sites is to use another virtual location to access these sites. Using VPN which stands for Virtual private network, you can change your IP address to reflect as you are using it from another location outside of your country. So, your ISP would never know what are your accessing. This is how VPN technology works. It first loads the same website on their location and then the same website using their IP to your location.

This method works and but makes the data transfer rate quite low. So, your internet speed will decrease for sure. And what if more users are using the same VPN, then it will be even worse.

Again, what if we tell you that proxy sites type of thing also exists and it has an advantage over VPN.

Proxy sites are basically a mirror of the original site. So, if the original site URL is blocked at your end, then you can use another URL and access the site without a problem.

There are so many proxy sites of a website that your ISP will never find them all and block them.

This is due to the fact that we keeps on updating the list with fresh and working links of proxy sites. Whichever are blocked or goes down, we removes it and replace it with the new one.

So, let’s take a look at these proxy sites.

[table id=3 /]

So, tell us did you like the article or not? Are you able to download your favorite movies and TV shows with above given URLs? If yes, kindly help us sharing it your Facebook URL.

Again, we don’t consider it worth the risk. Downloading pirated movies and TV shows is illegal and can get you into trouble. There is no point in downloading these kind of things when you can access them online with little fee by buying subscription on any popular streaming site like Netflix.

Hope we were able to help you with what you were searching for. Let us know in comments if you are still facing any kind of problem. Have a good day. Thanks.

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