Top Social Bookmarking Websites For Promotion

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Blogging is all about quality content, regularly fresh content and our duty to spread it to the world. In other hand we can say that Blog promotion. There are many ways to promote your website but Social Bookmarking website are too good for promotion. This is a very effective method. It is also a very powerful method for making backlinks on good websites.

This article is all about Top social bookmarking websites for promotion these website is best for your blog and online business.Social bookmarking website can be use for following topics.

  • Creating a profile and explore the website to meet new people
  • Social bookmarking can be used for sharing your content and let you find the best.
  • You can also find best content of internet on social bookmarking sites.
  • You can make large communities and share your content with them

There are large number possibilities, but the basic moto is to share and spread your content online effectively. So let’s get started.

Top Social Bookmarking Websites For Promotion


Digg is one of the best Social bookmarking site available on the internet. The main feature of digg is that it is much more Tech oriented and let you share and find the best stories relative to your search. Few days ago Digg made some significant changes to the website now all the old registered account are gone and you have to sign in using Facebook to continue. Some people find it little messy but still it is the number 1 choice of blogger. Good content always spread like viral on this site.


Reddit is another great online platform to share your content with largest communities of the world. It is a largest site of the social bookmarking with millions of user around the world. You can try it your self and later you will feel the change.


Delicious is the among the top social bookmarking websites for promotion and it is subsidiary of Yahoo Inc. This site can be referred as the tagging website more then a social bookmarking website. Delicious is a great way to share your content and create backlinks to drive more traffic to your website.


StumbleUpon is my personal favorite social bookmarking platform. Content sharing is very easy and effective. People love to read the good content and quality content always receive good number of share. You can also find fresh content and content ideas from the website. Exploring StumbleUpon is wonderful and help you stay focused.


Buzz Feed is another a great source for share your content with the world. It is a nice website with sober look, all the content is categorized in the perfect manner. So it is very easy to explore and find the latest content online. It is good social bookmarking option for making quality backlinks and drive good number of traffic to your blog


Slashdot is highly recommended for technology niche blogger although this website is all about technology. It is among the top social bookmarking websites for promotion . With over millions of user world wide it is a magical moment to share and look your content grow.


Newsvine is a great source for news related article. And its perfectly suitable for you if you love to write about news related articles. this website hols a special place in top social bookmarking websites for promotion . It is also have to community of loyal and quality readers.

That’s all for this article and these are some of the best social bookmarking sites around the world , They can help you build massive traffic and build quality back links.

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