Top 5 Online Rewriting Tools

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The term “re-write” does not mean what it used to in the old days. It used to involve taking some text, cutting it apart, and removing the old, the stale and the outdated. It then meant applying new expertise to fill the gaps with new, updated and accurate information. After which it is re-written so that it flows wonderfully. For example, when the Napoleon Hill book “think and grow rich” was re-written in the 00s, they removed examples from the 20s that people today may not recognize, and included examples from the 90s and 00s that modern readers could relate with. This type of re-writing is now in the past.

The modern version of re-writing involves taking the words and information of another person, and writing it in your own words so that the search engines cannot tell it is a re-write. This is wildly different from spinning content, in which the text has a few words changed for similar synonyms and the sentence structure is jiggled a bit. A re-write will probably be of lower quality than the original, but spun content will definitely be of lower quality.

Online Rewriting Tools


This is a tool for checking your grammar and spelling. After you have finished re-writing your text, you are going to have to proofread your text. It is a dull and long job, but you have to do it in the name of quality. The Grammarly program is dangerously expensive for what little it does, but it will take a little bit of the work out of proofreading your text.

It goes over your text and points out the things you should consider looking at or changing on your text. This makes proofreading a little quicker and a little less painful, which is handy because you will already be sick of looking at the text due to the fact you had to comprehend the original and change it (ergo you have little motivation to look at the text any longer than you have to).


So you have re-written your text and you think it looks great. One problem is that you cannot be sure how close it is to the original without comparing each line to every segment of the original. Luckily, the Copyscape tools exist. It has a tool for comparing text, and a tool to check to see if your re-write has any sections that are published online. It will point out the parts of your rewrite that are duplicates of other texts. That way, if you accidentally copied a piece of the original verbatim, it will point that section out for you.

The Tongue Untied

This is a blog that helps you with your word choice, sentence structure and grammar. As a re-writer, you are going to have to create new sentences that make sense and are grammatically correct. This blog will help you to do that. It is a learning tool that will make you a better rewriter as a result. Its word choice function is also very good, as there are times when you will not be able to correctly rewrite a piece of text. You will have to resort to spinning it, and a blog covering word choice is going to help you do this in the most professional manner.

We cannot all be expected to know every word in the English language. There are bound to be a few words that you do not know. So, if you come across a word you do not know the meaning of when you are reading the original, you can look the word up with The online tool also has lots of learning tools and other alternative word choices that you can try.

An online thesaurus is going to help you find replacements for words within your re-write. If your original text is quite good, then the perfect words may have already been taken, so you will need to find suitable replacements, and a good online thesaurus may help you to do just that. It may even help you rebuild your sentences so that you do not have to use the same words as the original. You can look at the different words that can replace alternate words until you find a way or rewording any sentences that are giving you trouble.

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