Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins You Must Try

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WordPress is very dynamic CMS and let you optimize you blog/ website to the maximum level. WordPress is highly optimized for SEO and you can do lot more with the help of plugins. Setting up your blog on WordPress is really easy and you can install it very quickly using service like fantastico deluxe and softaculas.

There are plenty of free and paid theme which will make your appearance really nice. Today I am going to share top 10 free WordPress plugins that you must try. Plugins are another major element of your blog. They will help you in keeping your blog safe, secure and stylish which will lead to more targeted traffic. All the plugins which are going to be mentioned here are free. Earlier I have shared many articles which are related to SEO plugins and Social media plugins. So let’s get started.

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins

Facebook Comments

Facebook is the #1 social network in the world and 7 out of 10 person uses Facebook. Comment system on WordPress isn’t that good and many people do this for spam purposes. Well you can install Facebook comments which will add advanced functionality to your site and you don’t have to worry about the spam anymore. This plugin can be installed in minute and will work absolutely fine.


Comment luv is another great tool for comment purpose on your blog. It could be the best reward a reader can get from your site. This plugin adds a back link to the readers site. There free and premium both type of plugin. If you want to increase your site traffic ( targeted traffic ) you must try this plugin.

WordPress Audio Player

If your site content is regarding to music and sound , then you must have this plugin. It will simply covert your uploaded mp3 file and will give you the nice player which you can embed in your post. You can customise the player’s colour scheme to match your .

Ultimate Nofollow

Ultimate no follow is a very useful plugin and you must have it. It will ask you to add nofollow tags where it is necessary. This plugins works at a glance. Adds a check box in the insert link pop-up box for including rel=”nofollow” in links as you create them; as well as other tools that provides. No follow is really good if you want your site to be good in Google Panda and Google penguin parameters.


SI CAPTCHA is another exciting plugin in the top 10 free WordPress Plugins, you must try. It will keep your blog spam free, Although there is Akismet plugin to fight with the spam but it will simply add a anti spam box in comment , registration and login form. It is most widely used by the WordPress users in order to keep their blog spam free.

WP Touch

WP touch is a very productive plugin for your WordPress blog. It will convert you current blog and make it mobile friendly. This will amazingly optimize your blog for Apple iPhone and iPod touch. This plugin is free and always will be.

WP About Author

Although WordPress already have an author box and if you want to display your image use same email which you have used to make account on Gravatar. Beside that WP about author can add very simple yet effective author box at the end of each post. You can customize it according to your need. You can change background color with easy to use color picker. You can also display text links or icons to a users social media profiles.

Thank Me Later

If you care about your blog readers then you must install this plugin right away. This plugin will send an email to the person who made a comment on your blog post first time. It is the way of saying to your reader that you care and you are thanking him for commenting on the blog. It will make a good impression on the readers and they will surely be return to your blog.

Share Buttons By Add This

You must have good sharing options on your blog. People come to read and learn something new on your blog. If they found something interesting they will surely be share that with their friends and family. Share buttons is all you need , they are being developed by add this.

Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget

This plugin provides a widget that displays image links (icon buttons) to various subscription services and social networking sites in your sidebar. This plugin will help in getting more targeted people and you can build a stronger community with them


SEO Friendly Images

For better SEO you must look upon the every aspect of blog post. Weather it is about on page SEO or the keywords you are using everything is important. Optimize images for better SEO is also important. We can add keywords in alt tags and title tags , but sometimes people found it boring and they didn’t pay attention to it. Well for the situations like this SEO friendly images can help you. It will automatically adds the title and alt tags to the images on your blog post. You must not give it a try, you better install it

These were top 10 free WordPress plugins so far , which definitely worth trying. Some of them are really productive and are currently being used by us . Let us know what do think about these plugins, Do share which plugins are your favorite and you must often use on your blog.

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