Top 5 Free Online Video Editors For Online Video Editing

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When it comes to video editing, a lot of home video enthusiasts prefer using a simple and straight-forward application over those fancy or professional video editors. The main reason was that the latter tends to require a longer time in the learning curve. Nowadays, you’ll easily locate or find heaps of free online video editors. They don’t require any installation and it’ll also provide the basic tools that you need. Some of the free online video editors are as follow.

YouTube Video Editor

This is the YouTube’s official video editor. With it, you can edit your own YouTube video clips right on the website. It has a timeline on which you can combine or trim videos; insert a soundtrack from the library; add transitions; reduce video shake; blur certain part of the videos and much more.


WeVideo is another great online video editing tool. It only requires you to sign up and then you can edit your videos in any browser. It provides three video editing modes; from novice to expert and you can switch between them at any time. Try out this easy tool to add effects; animations; transitions and color correction filters with only a few clicks.


Kaltura is an open source video platform and partial of supports video editing. Its video editing functions include video searching; uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing and sharing.

Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is a free and basic online video editor. Apart from conversion, it will also allow you to convert; cut;crop; merge and demux videos. As a bonus, you’re free to upload and download video files from other sites on the Web.


Pixorial provides a limitless and simple to use service that collects video from people who want to share their lives and experiences. It gives you a 1 GB of online space to upload, create and collaborate on videos. You can effortlessly transform those shared experiences into a unique and personal story within a few clicks.

Online Applications vs Desktop Applications

Despite the convenience of using an online application, there are also several main setbacks to it compared to installing a desktop application. For instance; the limited or very basic editing features as well as the stability of the online editing platform. Therefore, a desktop application is still highly recommended if you wish for a more vivid and presentable video; such as the Wondershare Video Editor. It’s a more professional video editor but it offers a user-friendly interface. You can find out more information about it HERE.

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