Top 5 Common Prejudices About Video Ads

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When you want to get your message out to the public quickly and affordably, there’s no better way than to click here to discover the hidden power of using an online video editor. It’s time to conquer the status quo with video ads.

Video ads are an increasingly important part of online marketing, but they can also be more complex than other online advertisements. There are still quite a few common prejudices about video ads that could hurt your business. However, it’s easy to take steps today to dispel them and increase your reach with effective video ads.

Read on to learn more about the top five common myths about online video advertising.

Misconception #1: People hate watching ads. 

This is simply not true, and if you’ve ever watched a movie on your computer with ads, you know what I mean. Advertisement between movies or TV episodes serves as an opportunity to take a break. Not to mention, it gives advertisers extra time to persuade viewers that their product is just what they want.

The trick is figuring out how long to let each ad play before swapping into another one. According to YouTube statistics, 60% of viewers who click away from a pre-roll ad return to watch it after 5 seconds. After 15 seconds, there’s a 50/50 chance that those same users will continue watching.

If you place your ads within video content, viewers are more likely to stay focused on what they’re watching. They want to see how an actor or filmmaker is going to end a scene. If you’re careful with what you post and pay attention to how long your ads play, online video advertising can be very effective.

Misconception #2: Online videos should only be entertaining. 

Well-made explainer videos prove to have greater retention rates than both images and text alone. In fact, explainer videos are a quite popular type of online video content because they combine entertainment value with education.

When you’re launching a new product or service, it’s important to educate potential customers on what they can expect and why they should care. This type of video has shown to increase engagement among new viewers by 20% and conversions by up to 50%. That alone is enough to include an explainer video in your online marketing plan.

Misconception #3: Viewers don’t like ads that overlay over videos.

Many would say that viewers prefer pre-roll ads at the beginning or end of the content. If you think about it, though, wouldn’t ad-blocking software work just as well if ads appeared at the beginning?

But the fact is, it doesn’t matter where your ads appear; ad blockers just go wherever they want. People will always find a way to ignore advertising if they want to.

So, it’s better to create online video ads that viewers want to watch rather than trying to trick them into watching ads they don’t care about.

Misconception #4: All video ads are unskippable.

This is not true. You can put your video ads in either skippable or non-skippable positions. The latter is obviously going to pay you more, but it also carries a higher risk for consumers. If they want to skip ahead, chances are they won’t think twice about doing so even if that means watching another ad later on.

Make sure that whatever format you choose, viewers know what to expect from your online video advertising campaign. Speaking of which, this is where the help of an online video editor truly shines. When you use this tool, you’re bound to create content that stands out among the ranks of other video ads.

Misconception #5: Mobile users don’t want to watch ads on their phones and tablets. 

This might be true if you include pre-rolls that pop up at random while browsing online. However, there are other ways to make mobile users happy with your online video ads without ruining their browsing experience.

For example, YouTube works better because people usually go there with specific videos in mind instead of using it as an entertainment hub like they do with other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

How to Improve Your Video Ads with an Online Video Editor?

If you run a video marketing campaign, then you probably know that editing video is an integral part of it.

An online video editor is software that enables you to edit your videos easily and quickly. It offers a plethora of templates to choose from to help you get your message across. This helps streamline your production process by enabling a better workflow.

That’s why many businesses rely on the help of an online video editor. This ensures that their video content is, indeed, made better.

Final Word

Myth is the basis of most misconceptions about video ads, rather than facts. Since we spend a lot of time talking about how video can make ads better, it seems only fair to turn things around and talk about persistent prejudices that hold video ads back. In some ways, these misconceptions are as damaging as they are ridiculous because they affect how advertisers approach their videos.

Some think video ads are useless, and others believe that to run successful online video ads you need a massive budget. But these are not true.

Many experts agree that online video advertising is one of the best ways to advertise right now. By choosing your targets carefully and creating engaging content, you can put together a campaign with an online video editor that’s worth all of your time and effort.

And if you learn how to use online video effectively, it could be one of your most cost-effective marketing tools. Although it’s important to make sure your ad’s creative is appealing, it doesn’t need to be expensive to grab people’s attention.

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