Top 5 Cloud Applications For More Productivity

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Cloud computing gives us the flexibility to work from anywhere with limited resources. You have all your important information stored on the cloud . You can access that information from anywhere in the world. If you have some data in your computer you can not bring it to the others just like that. Cloud computing is used where you want the ease of access. Today we are going to reveal some of the best top 5 cloud applications for more productivity and better work.

Cloud computing is getting more popular each day. Now every company is getting into cloud business. You can sync all your data between different devices. It has no limitations of cross platform. It just work fine. There top 5 cloud applications are easy to use and have important functionality.

Top 5 Cloud Applications For More Productivity.


Evernote is a great cloud based application. Write you note in evernote can help you with more productivity. You can access your notes on laptop, pc and mobile device easily. They sync with dataplan and you can save them for offline use. Evernote is used by millions of users around the world. Evernote is free , it will not charge you any penny. So it would be good choice to start with evernote.

Google Docs

Google docs is another a powerful cloud based application in the top 5 cloud applications for more productivity. Imagine you are out of town and want to process some documents. There might be chances that particular computer has no word processor like microsoft office. In that case you can use Google Docs to create Docs, ppt and excel files. Upload your existing documents on Google Docs server and you are free for the future use. These documents are stored on the Google Drive and can be retrieve anytime.

Last Pass

Last pass is a great tool for password management. If you have hard time remembering all the passwords for your online accounts. Then last pass is the right solution for you. You can store all your important password in the last pass vault and you have to remember only one password.

I use last pass and it helped me managing all my accounts password from one place. Now I don’t have to remember all the passwords for each account.


If you are using two or more cloud storage service it is hard to remember the password and manage them separately. For the ease of access and managing all the cloud storage from one place we have otixo. It is really nice tool for managing your cloud storage accounts.
Login to youe otixo account and manage all your cloud storage accounts from there.


Dropbox is the number 1 of all cloud storage services. It is fast , easy and secure. It works fine with all the cross platforms. No matter if you are mac or a Linux user. You can sync all your documents on all the devices easily. Initially you get 2 GB of free storage which can be increase with the help of referral. If you refer someone you earn 500 MB free storage.

Beside that their are many other application like Sugar sync, Microsoft skydrive, ubuntu one. These days many big companies like Samsung , HTC and Sony are providing free dropbox with every new smartphone purchase.

Biggest advantage of cloud storage is the cross platform and accessibility. As mentioned already all these service works fine with cross platform. No matter if you are windows, Mac or Linux user. If you are using mozilla firefox , Google Chrome or Safari. It will work with every environment.

If you have any doubt or queries regarding to this tutorial, feel free to ask via comments below.

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