6 Tips to Save Battery Life on Your Android Smartphone/Tablet

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Nowadays, most of the people using Android Smartphone, which helps to complete their tasks easily in various ways. They are facing a severe problem that the Battery doesn’t stand for a long time. It is because of using the smartphone for various purposes rather than using it for only communication purpose. Especially the users will play videos, audios and some other function make the battery to empty. This makes the users to disappoint about the battery backup. This problem can be solved by doing some steps, which will stop the unwanted process running in the background on the smartphone. This will increase the battery life to run your Smartphone for long duration.

Tips to Extend Your Smartphone Battery’s Life:

There are various tips to increase the Battery’s life by closing the apps running at the background of the smartphone and some action that sucks the battery’s power. They are ad follows:-

Screen Brightness:

The screen of your smartphone plays a major role in emptying your battery. If you increase the brightness of the screen, then it requires more battery power. This in one of the major impact for the battery’s life getting empty fast. So, the only way to avoid this impact is by reducing the screen brightness up to the normal level. This will increase some considerable amount of battery life.

Wallpaper and Screensaver:

Mostly Smartphone users will use colorful wallpapers to decorate their homescreen and some of them will use screen saver to decorate their phone. Both Wallpaper and screen saver will makes your smartphone cool, but it slowly sucks the battery’s power. Its nice to avoid the screensaver and use a black wallpaper, which consumes a very low power. Don’t use live wallpaper because it requires double the times of power than the normal wallpaper requires.

Screen Widgets:

Widgets on the home screen requires more RAM usage, which will result in consuming more power from the battery. So you can remove the unwanted and useless widgets from the homescreen, which can extend the battery’s life.

Auto Sync:

Auto Sync is a feature that will make the apps to run on the background. Many apps like Gmail and some other communication apps will consumes a lot of battery power to auto sync the data on the account. To stop the auto sync process, go to settings -> Accounts and Sync and then uncheck the Auto Sync option.

Location and Wi-Fi:

Location is used to track your current place for GPS, Google Maps, which is very useful to the smartphone users to find locations and directions. But when it is not in use, do Turn Off the location services, which consumes more battery. Likewise Turn Off the Wi-Fi when it is not in use, because it will search for any networks to connect your device with them. This will consumes a lot of battery without your knowledge.

Keep Your Battery Safe:

Don’t make your battery to expose near any extreme heat, because it will reduce the capacity of the battery’s power. If the charging completes, then kindly unplug the smartphone. Leaving the phone plugged, after the charging completed will makes your battery to drain fast.

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