Things You Should Buy Brand New

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The general rule is you have to buy only brand new to ensure that what you are getting is in class A condition. But there are instances when the price of a used product is so attractive and at the same time you want to have but don’t have the money to buy a new one. While it becomes necessary sometimes to settle for used things to buy for yourself or the family, this does not mean that just about anything can or should be bought in used status. There are things that you should buy brand new and some of them are here given.



This refers to mattresses that other people used before. Whether it is a mattress that came from a hotel or your neighbor, do not ever buy a used mattress. The same goes for all other types of mattresses like those used for baby cribs. Along with mattress, do not buy also used bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases whether for you or for any member of your family. You will never know what kind of diseases or insects are in those used things.



Never ever buy second hand shoes whether it is leather or rubber shoes. It does not make any sense wearing another man’s shoes. You can be exposed to athlete’s foot or other fungal infections.



Whether for you or your family, never buy used clothes. This is especially true for babies. There are some authors who recommend buying used clothing for babies. This is non-sense and no parent can be happy looking at his/her baby wearing clothes that came from an unknown source. Who knows, those used clothes could have been worn by a person who died from an infectious disease.

Kids Toys


Kids or toddlers love to put anything in their mouth. You don’t know what germs those used toys have so don’t buy them used. Even if you clean the used toy thoroughly, you still will never know so just be on the safe side.



If you do not know the real owner of the used tire and why it is being sold, then do not buy and settle for a brand new instead.

Kitchen utensils, pans, and plates


Unless we are talking here of silverwares and other collectibles, do not buy used kitchen utensils especially those that you will put in your mouth. This includes plates and even pans. You can buy brand new at a cheap price so no need to buy them used and worn out.



When the furniture is upholstered like those with mattresses, might as well buy brand new. It is not a good idea to buy used upholstered furniture as you will never know what kind of insects and parasites it hosts.

Stuff toys


Kids love stuff toys. They play with it and also sleep with it. To ensure their health, do not buy used stuff toys for them. Wait for the opportunity and buy brand new instead.

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