10 Things You Need to Know About Android Cameras

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As you all know android have the greatest market place in the world. Now the days, almost all the Android devices supported camera. Camera is the necessary part of any Multimedia mobile device. Today, i am telling you some of the things about Android Cameras.

All about quality in Android Cameras

Certain Android phone manufacturers have made big jumps in the overall quality of the Android Cameras, they offer on their smartphones. With the release of the Xperia Z, Sony included the brilliant Exmor sensor that it uses in its own digital Camera.

Easy editing

Why many users are starting to take advantage of the Android Cameras on their smartphone is due to the excellent editing suite that is available to them as soon as you’ve taken a few snaps. Through the Gallery app you can apply filters, frames and even crop your photos without ever needing to download a third-party app.

Detailed features

If you know your way around Android Cameras, then you’ll want to check out the various settings and menus you can tinker with. There’s a selection of great tools to get the correct white balance, adjust ISO settings and plenty of options regarding the flash settings.

Crop, don’t Zoom

A common problem with many images taken on smartphones is that as soon as you start to zoom in to a particular point of interest the quality instantly disappears. To counter this, try and crop the image to remove parts of the image you don’t like.

No depth

With small sensors and wide lenses, it’s hard to add depth of field. Some third-party apps include a blurring tool which adds a fake depth of field, but the results can be mixed.

Galaxy Camera

Samsung’s combination of phone and digital camera split opinions. The Galaxy Camera boasts incredible photo quality and a whole multitude of features to try out. Around the back of the device you’ll find a 4.8-inch screen that runs Android 4.1 and all the Android features you’d expect.

Using Panorama mode

One of the areas which smartphone cameras have excelled in is panorama shots. Users that run Android 4.0 or later can now use the Panorama mode on their smartphones to capture a 360-degree image that wasn’t readily available in older versions of the Android operating system.

Instagram and company

After taking lots of shots, why not check out some of the best photo sharing apps available from the Google Play store. The best choice is Instagram, which houses millions of user-uploaded images, which you can look at and rate. Upload your own images and see who recommends your picture-perfect images.


Another standard feature you’ll now find with most Android Cameras phone is being able to choose a particular scene for taking photos. These scenes help the phone understand how light the area is, if you’re trying to capture a moving object, or even trying to take an image from a distance away.

Cut the jargon

At its core, what makes cameras on smartphones great is that they are accessible to everyone and don’t include the jargon that leaves most confused. Although the overall quality will probably always fall short of what you can achieve with a proper digital camera, it certainly is improving.

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