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Sky HD App For Android/iOS Download – APK Install: In this article, I am going to highlight a beautiful app Sky HD, which can definitely enhance your smartphone video viewing experience – with a tremendously huge database and a variety of features. Sky HD is the best Alternative of Playbox for watching movies for free.

The app, as the title suggests, is known by the name Sky HD. Therefore in this article, you will find a brief intro of this wonderful app, some installation instructions and obviously the Sky HD Download APK.

What exactly is Sky HD?

Sky HD is a simple yet huge app available for Android as well as iOS that can serve as a video viewer for your phone/tablet. It can be a great pastime friend because of its great collection of videos. Needless to say, the great database is divided into collections which makes it convenient for a user of any interest to browse for awesome videos. You can also download Playbox Apk file from here.

What’s more is that Sky HD would offer you whole movies to watch! Yes, you’ve heard it right! Sky HD has the facility to stream movies too! Moreover, like icing on the cake, these videos and movies are available for download for offline streaming.

There’s a “Watch Later” option too that allows you to keep certain videos aside while you’re engaged in some other work.

Now, imagine the awesome life after the Sky HD Download!

What else does Sky HD Download offer me?

Sky HD allows you to change the video quality as per your internet speed and bandwidth, just like YouTube does. This feature allows you to watch videos even if you have limited connection speed. It can even come handy if your intention is to watch the maximum number of videos in limited data.

The feature which makes this app unique is the Chromecast support! Chromecast is a small device that can allow you to literally “telecast” content on large screens.

For example, if you just found an awesome video on the Sky HD app that you want to show to your family members too, it would be quite inconvenient to send them the video individually or gather them with a small smartphone screen in hand. With the simple tool Chromecast and the Sky HD app, you can make the video appear in your TV screen in moments! Wonderful it is indeed!

Lastly, you can even arrange the videos popularity and ratings, which makes it possible for you to know what the people around are interested in, and what’s currently trending online! You can stay up to date – no matter if it’s a funny video or an upcoming movie’s trailer, you will be knowing what the buzz is about and stay at par with it!

What are the technical requirements for the Sky HD App to work?

I know you’re quite eager now to download the Sky HD APK. In order to successfully run the downloaded Sky HD APK file, you need the following basic requirements:

  • Android v3.2 and above (Android 5.1 Lollipop will work fine, but there’s no guarantee about v6 Marshmallow)
  • 18 MB free space for the app and some more space for storing the downloaded videos (varies with usage)
  • You should enable installation of apps from “Unknown Sources”. If you have installed some other APK file before, you already must have turned on this option. In case you haven’t, you won’t be allowed to install the APK. No worries! You will be redirected to the settings app from where you can turn this feature on. Therefore, you will be able to download and install the APK!

If you can match the criteria, Green signal for you! You can move towards downloading the APK.

Sky HD APK Download – Android/iOS

Follow the given steps and you will be ready with the app:

  1. Download the Sky HD APK file.
  2. You can now find an APK file in the “Downloads” section. Just tap once on it and the APK file will execute itself.
  3. You will be asked to enable installation of apps from unknown sources (discussed earlier in this article) in case you haven’t done yet!
  4. Press “Install” button at the bottom right. The app will install itself.
  5. You’re done!

That’s all folks! The app is yours in 5-simple steps.

Final Verdict

Sky HD is indeed an awesome app to fulfil the “video thirst” within you. Its features make it a smart choice for anyone and its small size is definitely a boon for the smartphones with limited storage facility. Sky HD can definitely by a boredom killer!

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