How to Remove Toolbars for Hassle-Free Browsing

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In this article, I am going to discuss how to remove toolbars, which force your browser to open some misleading pages or tabs.

It is interesting that I am writing this article, as this article was requested in a comment on my previous article: How to Switch Back to Google Chrome. I would like to thank Shivani, who asked me to write this article, because she is facing a problem in her browser, as she mentioned in the comment. Well, it is good for her, all of you, and me too, as I have a new idea to write an article and you have to learn something, in the case you are unaware of it. So, let’s begin:

Why Do You Get Redirected to unwanted Search Engines or Pages?

Most of the internet users are having this question in their mind. As soon as they open their browser, it opens a new tab having a search engine like,,, or blah blah blah. This does not happen only at the time of opening a browser; but in case of some users, it is happening with opening of a new tab page also. What will be more annoying than it that you are trying to visit Google and you are redirected to the search engine, you have never heard before? But why this is happening? Have you ever thought about it? Ever tried to solve this problem? Let me explain.

Sometimes, you visit a site to download a third party tool or something else. You can see a lot of options there having the name “Download Now” or similar to it. Sometimes, you are confused, where to download the file originally and download the wrong file. You install it without care and there is a toolbar associated with it, which is installed in your PC. This toolbar forces your browser to do this unnatural or undesired behavior. Sometimes, you are installing a program you need, but it is asking your permission to install another tools along with it and you just allow it. You may have seen that, when you are installing a software, firstly it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions. After that it asks one by one different tools to install. And, here you are making a mistake by allowing all of them.

So, here are the two mistakes, which are generally made and you are redirected to these pages:

  1. Downloading any file without having its complete knowledge.
  2. Installing any software without proper care or checking whether it is installing something else with it also.
  3. Sometimes, by mistake you modify your browser settings and it is not seen generally, as why someone will do so without knowledge. Better, No risk.

These toolbar are giving a lot of irritation to the internet users. Sometimes, it seems very tough to get rid of these toolbar. So, let’s have a look at this guide, which will help you in removing the toolbar and bring back your browser to normal state without uninstalling and losing your browser data.

How to Remove Toolbars from Internet Browsers?

Before removing a toolbar, you should be aware of that toolbar, what it is basically doing. A toolbar is a program, application or software which is forcing your browser to surf according to that. In order to remove toolbars and make your internet browser friendly with you, you may follow these points:

  • Check in your browser settings, if you have setup any homepage or new tab page, which is opening. If it is so, just change it. Google Chrome users may find it by clicking the grid icon at the top right corner>>Settings. Firefox users may check it from Options>>Options>>General tab.
  • If all right or you are unable to modify the settings, then you should try this method:
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. At top set View by: Category.
  3. Click on Uninstall a Program.
  4. Here is a list of programs installed in your PC. You have to find out the toolbar causing the problem in your browser and just uninstall it. (Generally the name of the toolbar is similar to your search engine name.)
  5. Uninstall all these kind of toolbar.
  6. Restart your PC if required.
  7. Change the settings of each browser (Home page, new tab page etc.).
  8. Restart you browser and see the changes.
  9. Now, you have successfully removed the annoying toolbar and can enjoy the browser as earlier.
  10. If the problem persists, you should check this definite guide, which will help you:
  11. Go to the browser’s properties (Shortcut Key: Alt+Enter).
  12. Go to Shortcut Tab.
  13. Check the target, if it is consisting of the address, which is irritating you. Just remove that. Remember, don’t remove the location of the browser from target. (Generally it is seen in the cases of toolbars like Dosearches etc.)
  14. Hey, you are done. Nothing to worry about now. In future, if it happens, you can check back the properties and modify it.

I guess, these are the most efficient ways to remove annoying toolbars, which no one of us like. So, just give them try and you can suggest some better ways also if you have.

Note: Settings to remove toolbars may vary, but it is a general process, which you can use. You may try clearing cookies and scanning using antivirus, if problem persists.

I hope that you liked this guide and this will be helpful in fulfilling your aim of reading this article.

Over to you

This article covers basically all the methods which will help you to remove toolbars of any kind from your browser. Further, if you are having any issues or facing some difficulties, don’t forget to comment and ask your doubts. Also mention, if this guide helped you. Have a nice day.

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