Top 5 Most Popular Free Racing Games For Android Users

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Basically, Android users love to play games on their Android device either it can be a smartphone or a Tablet. There are various categories of games available in the Official Google Play Store. In those categories, Racing Game attracts almost all the gamer with their visual effects and the challenging levels to be finished. In Racing game, there are lots of vehicles can be used for driving such as Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Boat etc., Based on the track, racing can be divided into two types, one is Racing on the Flat road and the other one is Up Hill Racing. This up hill racing game is more popular than the other category games because of exploring new tracks and different vehicles.

Top 5 free Racing Games for Android:

1. Bike Racing 3D:

It is one of the most interesting racing game, which will get you into a realistic biker. The biker wants to defeat the opponents by racing, jumping and crashing the way and rivals through the tracks travelling in it. An important note is that, this game is the No.1 BMX game with awesome stunt action. In this game, there are 60 tracks available in career mode and the playing level is from easy to technical. The users can feel good graphics and the game is delivered in authentic 3D physics. The Bikers are allowed to select their racing bike from 5 unique bikes.

Download Bike Racing 3D

2. Dr. Driving:

Dr. Driving will make you crazy by makes you to drive it in traffic by handling the accelerator, brake and the steering. It makes you crazy while driving, by burning up the speed in the streets. The users are allowed to sign in with their Google account to play it in online with multi-player. While playing in online, the users can earn gold by finishing the mission before the opponent finishes it.

Download Dr. Driving Game

3. Hill Climb Racing:

Hill Climb Racing is one of the most addictive and entertaining game for the Android gamer. It is totally free for the users and the users can drive different types of cars in various tracks endlessly. The users can unlock the various vehicles and the various tracks by driving long distances and collecting gold coins. The car parts include engine, tires, suspension and 4WD can be upgraded by collecting coins and travelling more distances. The user can drive the car on the track until the fuel gets fully consumed, extra fuel cans will be provided on the tracks.

Download Hill Climb Racing Game

4. PowerBoat Racing 3D:

It is the No.1 and most popular motorboat racing game for Android users. This powerboat racing game gives you a stunning visuals and sound with awesome Gameplay and it provides an excellent feature that multiplayer option is available for a head to head competition. This game involves you as a hydroplane racer who needs to face and finish the challenges. The motorboat performs various stunts and jumps while racing through the water.

Download Powerboat Racing 3D Game

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne:

It is a series of Car racing game for Android users, which is well known for racing in the streets with the competitors. It is a lap based racing game, so the user should come first at the last lap to finish the challenge. The users want to defeat the opponents by performing awesome stunts and drifting in order to gain points. There are 13 different locations available for the racing challenges, in which the users should discover the shortcuts to win he race. Top licensed Cars are available, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Audi.

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