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Most Innovative Website Design Trends to Follow in 2022

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If you have an averagely designed website, do you think you will be able to attract more customers to expand the reach of your brand in this ever-evolving digital environment? It is simply a big ‘No’.

You must apply the latest web design trends to remain at the forefront of presenting a good-looking website incorporating smart designs that prioritize user experience. You can display your skills to potential customers using your website.

Use the abundant information that is available on the internet to pull more leads in so they can consume your content. 94% of first impressions of a website are design-related.

Regardless of the industry, you need to follow basic web design principles, and you can take help from a professional WordPress web design agency.

Make your web pages more aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and incorporate all the proper details needed to tell your story. In addition, your web design process needs to be encouraging. 2022 also brought about some awesome web design trends.

Apply originality, new solutions, enticing design, and extreme aesthetics contribute to the reliability of your website. Educate yourself about the latest trends in website design and take inspiration to attract clients and let them choose your business over others.

21 Innovative Trends in Website Designing In 2022

1. Asymmetric layout

2022 is all about organic shapes and asymmetric styles in web design trends. The website layout is arranged in a proper structure using either an asymmetric or symmetric interface. The plain old symmetric layout can be quite monotonous or predictable and boring with a stable and harmonious nature.

However, the asymmetrical layout can be more exciting and dynamic and can have a noticeable and interesting impact on the visitor. Asymmetric layouts help website visitors create a special and memorable website experience.

2. 3D illustration

There is a thin but confusing line between virtual reality and reality. Displaying your website content using 3D effects and strategies, exploring all 3D elements, like graphics, animations, and illustrations to scenes created with images and objects, can be quite alluring to the visitor.

3. Retro font

Retro fonts can spice up the layout of any website. Retro fonts can be used to highlight overlapping visual designs, larger typography, floating elements, and layers, giving you the maximum freedom to convey your ideas without limiting your site visitors.

You can combine contemporary images with traditional elements to bring a cool, modern twist to a bold retro typeface. Some of the super trendy retro fonts are American Scraps, Cuban Council, and New York Moon, which give your website a bold retro look and evoke nostalgia.

4. Organic Geometric Shapes

50% of consumers believe that brands should prioritize web design. Organic shapes do not contain straight lines; instead, these are all about trending geometric shapes or shapes inspired by nature, such as the edges of rivers and lakes, hills, and other asymmetries.

5. Parallax scrolling animation

Inspire your customers and their audience with amazing animations using parallax animation. This creates a certain depth in the foreground and background, using seamless transitions between page elements to captivate visitors.

Parallax effects are just not about getting the attention of visitors and customers, but it also encourages users to act. Try an animated text, foreground, or background on your website to make an impressive impression on your customers and their visitors. Use the trigger animation to attract enough users to work with the CTA element.

6. Dark mode

Dark Mode offers low-contrast applications and websites that can be easily viewed even in the dark. It is one of the most trending web design trends in 2022 that helps emphasize specific content types.

7. Horizontal scroll

Horizontal scrolling actively involves your customers, elicits more reaction from them, and keeps them interesting and engaged. You can tweak color schemes and animated transitions as well as make significant changes to your site layout.

While using this scrolling effect, you can also apply well-labeled labels to help users navigate the horizontal content. Use color gradients to allow users to navigate the layout of their site.

8. Cursor or mouse actions/icons

Hovering, clicking, or scrolling with the cursor or mouse changes your web pages into something interesting that demonstrates the power of design and makes users happy.

9. Minimalist extremes

38% of consumers stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Try and stick to a small number of design elements and soft colors instead of bold and bright colors. Minimalism is all about using a flat design, white surface, subdued colors, and an overall clean look. It is using a sophisticated aesthetic that is reinterpreted by modern web designers that emphasize bold background colors, clean text, and minimal design elements.

You can also combine minimalism with 3D design elements and visuals for an up-to-date web design trend. Modern minimalism also refers to neomorphic which is more about flat design and skeuomorphism, which adds depth to your flat design with a soft, look that includes digital embossing for a clean design.

10.   Vector graphics

Add exclusive graphics to your website design perspective to improve its appearance. Vector graphics are the best solution to this problem.

11.   Layout videos

Cinematography can captivate your audience and create a unique visual experience. Combine various visual elements with pictures text, and sound text, and leave a longer-lasting impression than most of your YouTube embedded videos.

You can include videos from posts, add promotional videos and interviews to incorporate this trending aesthetic into your web design. Great sites that use video and audio in the background create on-screen magic for users and are also a stylishly shaped design element for smartphones.

12.   Augmented reality

AR has paved the way for augmented reality (AR) to break into the web design space. Many web designers use AR on e-commerce sites to fill the gap between real and virtual reality with real elements and computer-generated images in the environment.

It also provides an immersive 360-degree user experience that enables visitors to choose the best products online. More immersive augmented reality and scalable hosting for agencies provide clients with a great digital experience.

13.   Micro-animation and micro-interaction

The span of human attention is short. Viewers prefer short videos, and simple how-to guides, that express the whole idea in just a few hundred letters. Consider how to play with people’s short attention spans using trending visuals, graphics, animations, and other relevant trends.

14.   Handmade Graphics

Hand-painted art is a unique and diverse style that is used by many to attract visitors. Web designers want to experiment with fresh and unique ideas and this prominent urge eventually led to the use of hand-painted elements on the site.

15.   High quality 3D visual design

Add a new style of web design using 3D capabilities that augments the user experience. These visual designs have a strong impact on your visitors and increase the amount of time they spend on your website. With a minimalist design, 3D can be creative and unique, adding value and achieving goals, as well as attracting visitors.

The main objective is to provide an interactive and responsive website to keep visitors from leaving the site which you can achieve using the professional assistance of a WordPress development agency.

16.   Shadows, layers, floating elements

Positive emotions rendering a 3D look show the depth of the elements that are inspired by shadows, visions, and floating images. Hierarchy is the technique used by UI / UX design companies to layer one element on top of another. You can also use soft drop shadows to add depth. By combining these features, you can give your website a great and attractive look while at the same time giving it a light appeal.

17.   Oversized typographic hero image

The top of the page is known as the “hero area” which is an important part of your website. If not well designed, visitors will get bored and start scrolling away. Put an interesting image in the hero section or use flashy and oversized typography. This tends to attract more leads.

18.   Visible boundaries

Building your website on a stringent grid organized by code can make a website look real. Neatly arrange using separate boundaries that add a realistic touch to your website and give it a clean impression.

19.   Soft and comfortable color

Website designers emphasize the use of consumer-friendly, soft and pleasing color schemes. These shades represent a middle ground between light and dark themes and do not strain your eyes.

20.   Behavioral design

Make the user experience more enterprising and interesting by triggering certain behaviors. Give options to your viewers to follow your app, keep a stringent check on the behavior’s parameters every day, and be motivated to maintain a habit. A great example, in this case, could be weight training or weight loss websites. They have an hour-by-hour bifurcation encouraging viewers to follow a certain regime which is a marvelous behavioral design to incorporate.

21.   New morphism

New Morphism is a new web design trend that augments your webpage by adding another layer adopting the traditional flat layer of the website and adding height to the site. This new layering method makes search bars, buttons, text boxes, etc. stand out on web pages. An additional layer of this object creates depth and will add a whole new perspective to your website in 2022.


Businesses that have trending and cutting-edge websites get clients more easily. Creating attractive, high-conversion designs for your website will allow those clients to win more customers. This means more agency conversions and revenue. Eye-catching, captivating, bright, and clean websites use video and animation to improve the user experience.

Using trending web designs will have a positive impact on the brand and sales. If you plan to design a user-friendly and modern website, keep the above trends in mind. 2022 is to enhance your graphic design game, play with bold colors and keep your website clean.

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