5 Most Expensive Apps For Your Phone

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The largest apps store in the world is Apple Store , with more than 900,000 apps in total, consisting of both free and paid apps. Although 10 percent of iOS apps are now paid, according to app analytic provider Flurry, some are expensive beyond imagination. Here I am sharing “The 5 Most Expensive Apps for your Phone.”

Expensive Apps


iPhone+ |£699.99/$999.99

This app Rank first in the list Most Expensive Apps. This is the ultimate app for one presenter. Not content to set itself at the highest price bracket the App Store has to offer, this exclusive app requires all users to prove that they are worth £1 million ($1.5 million) before they can make use of its premium features.

Still, unlike many of frivolous apps in this list, iVIP Black justifies its price tag. Membership into this inner circle includes a welcome pack and surprise gifts, but the actual function of the app is to provide a ‘luxury discovery engine.’ This includes access to an on-demand concierge service and special deals on exclusive hotels, restaurants, yachts, private jets, private security, and personal trainers.

Joining iVIP also allows access to member services like iVIP ‘Anything, Anywhere’ that sources whatever you ask for and the iVIP Watch Finding Service for rare or exclusive chronometers. If you would like to sample the app for yourself but don’t have a seven-figure salary, spin-off apps are available at lower rates. iVIP Blue is available for £99.99 and includes some of the same features as the upper echelon app, and iVIP Red is entirely free, offering previews of the services.

iVIP London and NYC also provide VIP treatment in two of the world’s most stylish cities for both residents and visitors. iVIP founder Matthew Rowe told the Wall Street Journal that the company has more than 150,000 users across all these apps, but declined to say how many were paying users.


iPhone | £199.99/ $299.99

If films like Inception, Duplicity and Paranoia have taught us anything, it is that, in the dog-eat-dog world of big business, making a fortune can depend on the smallest details and corporate espionage is rife. SafeSession Voice Encryption protects your phone calls so that you have a safe space in which to discuss confidential dealings.

The app encrypts all information before transmitting it across an internet channel to ensure security – though only if both callers use SafeSession – so you will have to talk colleagues into writing the purchase of as a £200 business expense. Acting as both your address book and default phone, Safe Session is simple to use despite its sophistication.


iPhone | £199.99/$299.99

Ideal for the Japanophile with yen to spend on the App Store, Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 describes itself as a pachinko machine for your mobile device. A pachinko is a mechanical toy, somewhere between a slot machine and a pinball table, in which players try and collect balls to earn tickets for prizes. This app includes a virtual version of this game, plus three others – including one in which you repeatedly punch a clown in the face.

Like Sexy Finger PrintTest HD, the app hasn’t been updated for several years and is beginning to show its age, but in the context of being an arcade attraction, the garish colour scheme works well.


iPhone | £69.99/ $99.99

With this decadent download, holding your index finger down on the touchscreen provides you with a ‘sexy score’ and your digit’s temperature. Users can then share this need-to-know information straight to Facebook, so all their friends can learn both how much money they have to burn and exactly how desirable they are in a single status update. In fairness, Sexy Finger Print Test HD is also one of the cheapest apps in this line up.

The fact it also encourages users to check their scores at least once a day also implies it’s for regular use rather than just decoration. This is probably a good thing, since it hasn’t been updated since November 2010 and the graphics are now looking very low rent for such a highly priced app.


iPhone | £6.99/$9.99

Once the preserve of the ludicrously rich, the unashamedly titled I Am Rich app cost almost $1,000. Described as a work of art by its German creator Armin Heinrich, the app simply displayed a glowing red jewel in the center of the screen that would reveal an inspirational mantra when tapped. It read: “I am rich/ I deserv[sic] it/ I am good,/ healthy &/ successful.

“Only eight plutocrats purchased the app, six in the US, one in Germany and one from France. Two of them were later refunded claiming they had bought the app by mistake. One going by the username Lee5279xx posted a review of I Am Rich labeling it ‘a ridiculous scam. ’While in fact the I Am Rich app only did what it said in its App Store description, this which of foul practice was seemingly enough to scare o_ Apple.

I Am Rich was pulled from the App Store within 24 hours of launching in August 2008. However, within this 24-hour window the app netted Armin Heinrich a windfall of £3,610 after Apple had taken its 30% commission of $1,547.While remaining a legend of App Store conspicuous consummation, its sequel I Am Rich LE (short for ‘limited edition’), doesn’t quite live up To the reputation.

The app includes the same shining ruby gemstone and mantra (now with a correctly spelt ‘deserved’), plus a built-in calculator, but costs a hundredth of the price (£6.99 rather than £699.99), removing the status of exclusivity that made it so famous in the first place.

These are the some of the most Extensive Apps. if you know more. Please share with us.

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