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Top 4 Latest Tools You Need to Make Your Business Images Stand Out

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As a business owner, the image you convey on and offline is very important.

Business images are crucial for brand building, as color and image improve brand recognition by up to 80%. If you’re not taking into account the types of images you use on your website and in your content, you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors are.

Not all of us are image-conscious, however. If you need a little bit of help to make your business images stand out, keep reading and we’ll tell you the top 5 tools that can make your life easier. Don’t let your brand fail you, use these fantastic tools and integrate them into your branding and marketing.

#1 Canva

Canva became one of the more popular image editors for businesses in 2022. It’s cheap, easy to use, and has thousands of templates for everything from banners to social media posts.

The pro plan is $120 per year, but you can get pretty far just using the free version of Canva. Their templates cover most industries and the drag-and-drop nature of it all means that you don’t need to understand image editing to get something really amazing out of it.

#2 Snappa

Social media marketing is arguably the most important aspect of a small business marketing campaign in 2022. There are over 4.5 billion people on social media, so you’d be remiss not to put some serious effort into building an audience on Facebook and/or Instagram.

These platforms are incredibly visual, so a tool like Snappa can really benefit you. This service provides easy-to-use templates for every social media platform.

#3 Venngage

When you’re writing blog posts for your website, infographics go a long way. These make stomaching facts and figures much easier for your readers. The problem is, infographics aren’t exactly easy to make – that is, without a tool like Venngage.

Venngage removes any of the technical know-how and lets you plug your facts and figures into a customizable template. It’s free to start, but you can opt-in on the pro plan for $20 per month and have access to all of the 7,000+ templates they have available.

#4 Adobe

Adobe image editors are still some of the best in the business. Business photography is an important part of your branding journey as well. If you don’t integrate your photos properly, however, it’s going to be hard to connect with your audience.

Whether you’re looking to remove background from an image or enhance some of its visual elements, Adobe is there for you. You can use it online for freefor as long as you want, no questions asked.

Make Your Business Images Stand Out

Now that you know how to enhance your business images, it’s time to stand out from the crowd. The way you present yourself online is how you bring in new leads. Once you get them on your side, it becomes so much easier to convert those leads into customers.

If you found this helpful, come back again for more on advertising and branding.

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