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Is FALLOUT 76 Worth Playing In 2022?

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I began Fallout 76 in 2020, and I am having a blast so far.

It’s been almost two years since Fallout 76 was released. Now it’s time for the big question: Is Fallout 76 still worth it? Let’s find the answer.

I have a confession. The fallout was not something I enjoyed. I can remember playing Fallout 3 on PC and then immediately stopping playing. When Fallout 4 was first released, I tried it on PC. Because everyone else was doing it. It wasn’t something I enjoyed.

Fast forward to 2020 and I decided to give Fallout 4, a second chance. With a few mods, I was able to play the game on my PS4 this time. It was amazing.

Perhaps I have become more mature or the game on PS4 is just better. I found it somehow irresistible and fell in love.

My friends on Twitter kept telling me about Fallout76 while I was playing Fallout 4. After the Wastelanders update, they were raving about how amazing the game is.

This made me curious, as my love for Fallout games grew. I bought Fallout 76 to give it a shot.

Wastelanders Update: The Game Has Been Improved

Fallout 76 was just like Fallout 4. While I only did the tutorial-type missions, I have spent dozens of hours on the game. It’s great fun.

The game has seen many updates and received free expansions since the Wastelanders update. It is so much better now than it was when it launched.

Did I mention Fallout 76 now features NPCs?

At launch, the game received a lot of negative feedback. The game didn’t feature NPCs and had many bugs and glitches. It felt incomplete.

This all changed in 2021. It is a highly-polished game that thousands of players enjoy.

I enjoyed the PS4 version so much, that I bought it on a PC. I am already enjoying the endgame content.

The world is beautiful, and the missions are interesting. You can also find plenty of loot.

This game is much more fun if played in a group. However, I am a solo player who hasn’t had any problems playing the game.

All Year Long, New Content

The game received many major content updates and quality-of-life improvements in the years following the Wastelanders update. This includes the Steel Dawn update, which introduced the Brotherhood of Steel to the game.

Seasons Battle Pass – Free

Bethesda also introduced Seasons content with a new battle style. This allows players to jump into the game every day to complete daily missions and earn loot.

This was something I loved and gave me an incentive to play more.

The game received an update in early 2021 that increased the storage capacity of the stash. You can now store more items and have 2 CAMPs.

More Endgame Content

New Brotherhood of Steel missions has been added to the game with the Steel Reign update. You will also find new content in the endgame.

Fallout 76 now allows players to craft legendary gear. This will give players a reason for grinding for better gear, and allow them to work on their builds once they reach Level 50.

Expanding Your Business

Bethesda also has plans for new content in the coming year.

Since Fallout 76’s release on Game Pass, the game player community has grown really quickly. There will be more content over the next few months.

Expeditions are the first expansion. It will take players to iconic locations from Fallout 3.

Is it worth playing?

Fallout 76 is worth a look, even if you aren’t a fan (like me) or just looking for a new survival game to play daily.

Fallout 76 is usually on sale on Steam, for $11 or less, and also on consoles. Don’t wait for a sale and grab the game!

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