How to Invite Your All Friends to Like Any Facebook Page?

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Fan page followers are indications of the strength of your page. A fan page may be of different kinds. It may be a fan page for a blog,website,celebrity,brand or anything else. Everyone wants to increase the number of followers on his/her fan page. There are a lot of ways to increase fan list on your fan page, out of them few provide genuine likes and few are just increasing your fan list, but not your true fans. There is no doubt that 100 true fans are far better than 150 or more likes.

Who are the loyal readers of your fan page?

Loyal reader of a fan page always depends upon the category of the page. Loyal readers are interested in the category of your page. If your provide them the content, they are fond of, obviously they would like to read your posts on your fan page.

Whom do you first wish to be your loyal reader?

Of course, not a question to put up. Everyone wants his/her friends to follow his/her fan page first. If I am creating a new fan page, I would first like to invite my friends, who will like my page and when I will have sufficient likes and content on the page, other people also might check my fan page. But, what if you are having a huge friend list?

How do you invite your friends to like your page?

Are you going to invite everyone separately? Obviously, it is not a good way as it is very time consuming. You have to select each friend by clicking check boxes in front of their names. Suppose, you have 1000+ friends in your friend list, will you sit and invite everyone by clicking 1000 check boxes. I know, you won’t like that. In this case what to do? How can you invite a huge no. of friends in a short period of time?

How to Invite Friends to Like Facebook Page?

Yes, you can invite them in a very short period of time by use of an extension. In modern browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera etc. you can add extensions to make your work easier. Just follow the below steps to successfully invite your friend-list in a short period:

  1. Download the extension named as Facebook Friend Inviter from Chrome Web Store and add it to your browser (Google Chrome).
  2. Now, open your Facebook fan page.
  3. Here you can see a drop-down menu option named as Build Audience>>Invite Friends. You can also click on See All to invite your friends.
  4. Click on Invite Friends and select Search All Friends.
  5. Scroll down to your complete friend list.
  6. Now click on the extension, you recently added to your browser.
  7. It will process for few seconds depending on the length of your friend list.
  8. After that, you have successfully invited your whole friend list at once.

Note: In this article, I have mentioned about the extension in Google Chrome. You can find similar add-ons for Mozilla Firefox and also for other browsers.

I think, this is the first task you would like to perform when you create a new Facebook fan page. I hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to like. If you have any other better ways or suggestions, your valuable comments are most welcomed. Thanks for reading

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