How To Protect your PC From Keylogger

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Today everybody is addicted of internet because of the fast and speedy lifestyle in this 21st century. As we all use internet on daily basis, we use it for information gathering , online transactions, online buy and sells, Emails, banking , booking tickets and many more activities. Besides of all these activities we must aware about the privacy and security of personal data and informations.

In case if our passwords, usernames, credit card info leaks out online we will be in a heavy trouble. This might be possible that you will trap in such situations because of Keylogger . Yeah, Keylogger is a software which can be installed in PC and remains hidden in directory. When you access your secret account or any secret information, this keylogger tracking your data and send it continuously to some intruder silently .


Many people are advised to use antivirus to protect your PC from malware, web shield and unusual attack of illegal access. But Keylogger is not detected by antivirus and no more track it that his/her PC is safe from keylogger or not.

Now you definitely thinking that how you can protect your PC from this Keylogger, so here is the solution. There is one software named as Key Scrambler(Anti-Keylogger) designed by QFX software which is capable for detecting keylogger installed in your PC and provide protection from leaking secret informations.

  • KeyScrambler Personal supports all popular browsers, 32 in total.
  • KeyScrambler Premium and Professional supports all Windows 8 Metro Apps. Premium also adds Cloud Storage to protection.
  • Lighter, faster, and slicker user interface; smoother user experience.

Let see how it works

1. The moment You begin to type,KeyScrambler begins encrypting your keystrokes in real time at the keyboard driver level. Because KeyScrambler is located in the kernel, deep in the operating system, bypassing KeyScrambler’s encryption is difficult.

2. As your encrypted keystrokes travel, they remain indecipherable the whole length of the crucial path. It doesn’t matter if they get captured by a keylogger sitting on your computer, or whether the keylogger is known or brand new. The keystroke data captured by the malware simply won’t give the thieves any intelligible info.

3. When your keys arrive in the destination app, KeyScrambler decryption module goes to work, and you see exactly the keys you’ve typed

KeyScrambler is a nice and essential software for everybody to remain protected from unauthorised access. Many prestigious company awarded this software . Here is the list .

It is our advice you must try this Anti-Keylogger software , if you’re using internet daily basis and stay protected your online and offline information from known and unknown suspicious access.

For downloading KeyScrambler premium or free version click here.

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask via comments below.

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