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How to Minimize Oracle EBS Testing Costs?

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If your company is still using Oracle ERP applications without any automated Oracle testing tool to help your testing team, your problems are bound to get bigger with every passing quarter. This is due to the fact that every quarter, Oracle releases a plethora of updates for its suite of ERP products, including EBS, Cloud, JD Edwards, Sebel, and others.

Oracle EBS maintenance costs can easily blow out of proportion in companies that have not invested in comprehensive automated testing tools. This is why we bring three tips to minimize the cost of EBS maintenance and testing that could easily revolutionize the standard of testing and user experience that you provide to your end-users.

Tip #1: Choose an end-to-end automated Oracle testing tool

Typically, a large number of IT-related decisions are influenced by the price tag. A lot of businesses that run EBS but don’t have a comprehensive automated Oracle testing tool mention the exorbitant cost of EBS testing tools like OATS and UFT. These tools are indeed very expensive to buy, run and also it is hard to find an experienced tester to operate them.

Fortunately, several modern automated Oracle testing tools are available in the market that make automation testing for Oracle EBS systems a lot easier and quicker. Most importantly, Opkey’s no code continuous test automation platform even solves the issues of automating tests for Oracle Forms and its various other Java Applet-based features.

The best possible way to select the right automated Oracle testing tool for EBS is to ensure that you don’t need to host the testing infrastructure. This is due to the fact that over an extended period of time, maintaining the infrastructure of the EBS testing tool can be as expensive as buying the testing tool’s licenses in the first place.

Tip #2: Choose an Oracle EBS test automation tool that can work for cross-application workflows

Nowadays, the modern Oracle EBS system no longer works in a vacuum – it collects and stores data to other digital applications that are utilized by your company’s customers, employees, and vendors alike. This is why it is necessary for your EBS testing to automate true “end-to-end” tests.

The best possible method to create a cross-application automated test is to ensure that there is a test model where necessary; using multiple scripts, businesses can ensure an actual user workflow. Most Oracle EBS testing tools can easily test a function within EBS. However, very few of them can help you thoroughly test a real user journey spanning EBS and other interfacing digital applications.

Tip #3. Include your EBS updates into your DevOps channel

The longer your company distinguishes your EBS delivery from the delivery of your other necessary applications, the more testing costs will rise. Thes best Oracle testing tool has all the necessary functionality to plug into DevOps pipelines. Automating your Oracle test will undoubtedly require upfront work and investment, especially if your organization is starting from scratch. However, applying these tips will eventually lower your testing budget and further improve functionality and user experience for your end-users.

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