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How to Make Philosophy in Little Alchemy 2

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You can also explore object-based elements in ” Little Alchemy 2″. These elements are about how humans try to understand themselves, their environment and the vast systems beyond Earth.

One of these element-based concepts is the Philosophy element.

You will find three ways to create Philosophy. Each option is based on human perception and thought. To learn more, explore the following reasoning:

1. Help a Human being in the World

Philosophy is a thought-related element that exists because of the human perspective. This means you will need to have a human in order to make Philosophy as logically possible.

Combine the following elements if you don’t have the Human element.

  • Mud = Earth + Water
  • Air + Air = Pressure
  • Stone = Pressure + Earth
  • Mud + Stone = Clay
  • Water + water = Puddle
  • Pond = Puddle + Puddle
  • Pond + Pond = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Sea
  • Earth + Sea = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Primordial Soup + Life = Energy
  • Clay + Life = Human

The Human icon is a golden figure in a circle of golden with dotted lines behind it and their arms extended to the sides.

2. The Human Imagination: Develop it

You must give a person the ability to think and to imagine. They must have the ability to form ideas before they can understand and study various topics. This is called the Idea element. Combine the following if you don’t yet have an Idea:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Fire + Planet = Sun
  • Sun + Energy = Solar cell
  • Solar Cell + Sun = Electricity
  • Stone + Air = Sand
  • Glass = Sand + Fire
  • Electricity + glass = Light Bulb
  • Ideas: Human + Lightbulb

The Idea icon is a pink human brain with an overhead light bulb. It displays the words “A thought given mass.”

The light bulb icon is there because many people associate the invention of electric light bulbs with the light that comes on when they turn on a lightbulb.

Now you are ready to make Philosophy. All you have to do is give ideas to the people as follows:

  • Human + Idea = Philosophy

The Philosophy icon is a large white cloud-shaped thought bubble that looks like a thought bubble. It contains the words “The study and understanding of the fundamental nature, reality, existence, and knowledge of poultry”

Side note It’s possible that Philosophy looks like it is in a cloud. Although the game’s creator is the only one who can answer this question, it’s possible that they made a connection between ideas and clouds.

The sky and clouds have always represented an intangible and untouchable sphere for humans. It’s not surprising, therefore, that people started to associate intangible thoughts and thinking with the same space.

Children and adults can also allow their imaginations wander as they watch the clouds pass by. They may imagine the shapes of the clouds as various things such as animals or people.

For this reason, people who are lost in thought are often described by having their heads in clouds.

Many philosophers have found the answers to life’s most pressing questions through meditation and relaxation outdoors.

3. There are other ways to create philosophy

“Little Alchemy 2”, which provides only two more methods to make the Philosophy Element, is all you need. The Human, Story and Chicken elements can be combined or combined.

These options are why the game is so great. It is impossible to know the exact thoughts of the developer. Story-making evolved as a result of human attempts to understand nature and existence.

If you don’t have the Story element yet, you will need to combine the following.

  • Fire + Wood = Campfire
  • Campfire + Human = Story

The philosophical causality argument between chicken and egg is an old paradox about the origins or life on this planet. Was the egg or the chicken the first to arrive?

For new chickens, chickens must lay eggs. However eggs must be present for the first chickens born.

Some scientists believe that chickens evolved from eggs made by another bird species. Other scientists contend that eggs were created in ancient Earth’s waters before they could be adapted to land-based life.

Regardless of the reason, both elements are necessary for a different way to make Philosophy. You will need them to complete the game and collect the Bird element.

After you have Bird, you will be able to create these elements and then combine them to make Philosophy.

What does Philosophy give you in “Little Alchemy 2?”

Philosophy is a term that refers to a desire for knowledge and a deep need to know important truths about the world. Philosophical thinking is usually based on logical deduction using a problem-based, systematic approach that involves study, questioning, and debate.

People wouldn’t be able to understand and survive in the world without philosophy.

You can use Philosophy in “Little Alchemy 2” to explore the game’s world and other concepts and thoughts that are related to the search for truth and knowledge.

  • Philosophy + Gold = Alchemist
  • Philosophy + Planet = Big
  • Philosophy + Sun = Big
  • Philosophy + Solar System = Big
  • Philosophy + Galaxy Cluster = Big
  • Philosophy + the Universe = Big
  • Philosophy + Bottle = Container
  • Philosophy + Bucket = Container
  • Philosophy + Box = Container
  • Philosophy + House = Container
  • Container = Philosophy + Pottery
  • Philosophy + Safe = Container
  • Philosophy + corpse = death
  • Philosophy + Grave = Death
  • Philosophy + Graveyard = death
  • Philosophy + Skeleton = death
  • Philosophy + Lava = Heat
  • Philosophy + Philosophy = Idea
  • Philosophy and Science = Idea
  • Philosophy + River = Motion
  • Philosophy + Stream = Motion
  • Philosophy + Tornado = Motion
  • Philosophy + Wind = Motion
  • Philosophy + Ant = Small
  • Philosophy + Bacteria = Small
  • Philosophy + Bee = Small
  • Philosophy + Carbon Dioxide = Small
  • Philosophy + Confetti = Small
  • Philosophy + Oxygen = Small
  • Philosophy + Ozone = Small
  • Philosophy + Pebble = Small
  • Philosophy + Rivulet = Small
  • Philosophy + Scorpion = Small
  • Philosophy + Seahorse = Small
  • Philosophy + Spider = Small

Unlimitless Possibilities – Open Doors

After you have explored Philosophy, now it is time to use a pragmatic approach and discover more elements in “Little Alchemy 2”.

You can combine the elements from Philosophy to create dozens of related elements. Alchemist is a great way to collect the legendary Philosopher’s Stone and Little Alchemy.

You can find Graveyard and Organic Matter with Death. Container-based discoveries include Castle and Elixir of Life. Hourglass, Pandora’s Box. Pyramid. Spaceship.

You are on a philosophical journey, whether you realize it or otherwise, when you play this game. Each step leads to greater knowledge and truth.

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