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How to Make Deity in Little Alchemy 2

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We have something for Little Alchemy 2, players today. The game offers a content pack called the ‘Myths and Monsters. The content pack also allows you to explore a world filled with fantasy, as the name implies.

Deity is another element that you can get through the content package. A deity is a divine supernatural being that we all have differing opinions about. While some may believe they exist, others might not.

Deities can be said to have exceptional powers. They are also beyond human comprehension. They also interact positively and negatively with humans.

Deities can also be classified according to their religion. Because people are different in their religious beliefs, they can be quite different.

Little Alchemy 2 has the same deities as in real life. You are here because it is important that you learn how to obtain the Deity element.

Before we get to the main point, there are two things that you will need. First, the content pack ‘Myths & Monsters’ will be required. We will also need the Human element.

Let’s now look at how to unlock the ‘Myths & Monsters’ content pack.

Step 1: Unlock the ‘Myths and Monsters’ Content Pack

The ‘Myths & Monsters’ content packs are only available for iOS and Android.

The mythical gods of legend and monsters are the focus of the ‘Myths & Monsters’ content package. You will also have access to hundreds more items from the myths, legends, and worlds of the world.

This pack is a must-have for Little Alchemy 2 fans. This pack will spice up your adventure as you’ll encounter elements like Immortality and Monster.

Let’s not waste any time, and let’s get to the point about how to unlock this pack.

The steps below will help you to get the ‘Myths & Monsters’ content package.

  • Open the game using an iOS or Android phone
  • Navigate to the in-game shop
  • Look for the “Myths and Monstros” content pack
  • Click on the Buy button to the right
  • You can confirm transaction by using any method that you have

Congrats! You can now add hundreds more elements to your inventory. Are you willing to discover the secrets of the game’s gameplay?

As such, we encourage you to buckle up as we dive into creating the Human element.

Step 2: Create a Human

We know that Deities are beyond our human comprehension. This means that they are not humans. We can however conclude that their physical form is very similar to humans , based on what we’ve seen in movies, books, and cartoons.

Little Alchemy 2 also depicts a similar relationship between humans and deities. The Human element is the key ingredient to creating the Deity element.

We can also look at our real world as an example. The Christian religion is founded on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. Christ, although a deity today, was once considered human.

Summarising, the Human element is required to acquire the Deity element. To obtain Human , we need Clay and Life.


First, Follow the steps below to obtain the Clay element

  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Air + Lava = stone
  • Mud + Stone = clay

Make Life Work

Secondly, The following steps will help you to get the Life element.

  • Fire + Fire = Energie
  • Puddle = Water + Water
  • Puddle + water = Pond
  • Lake = Pond + Water
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Sauce
  • Primordial Soup + Food = Energy

finally achieves the Human element by combining Clay with Life, as shown below

  • Clay + Life = Person

We are getting very close to the Deity element. Possibly, you will feel the power of creating and destroying everything.

Also, this means that we will soon be able to obtain the Deity element.

Step 3: Create Deity

Do you dream of becoming a God? Perhaps you wished you could control the entire universe. The Deity element will grant you all you ever wanted.

You have also already received the Immortality element upon purchasing the ‘Myths & Monsters’ content package.

is the same. Follow the steps below to obtain the Deity element.

  • Human + Mortality= God

You are doing a great job and you will finally achieve your goal. You can now attain all the deities we know their names.

You thought that our journey was finished? We are only just beginning. Next, we will move onto elements that can be created using the Deity element.

Elements You Can Create Using Deity

We all know that there are many deities we follow in real life. Even if you’re an atheist you might have seen the names of deities in movies or books.

You will then be able to make any deity you like as long as you have the Deity element. You can also search for the deity you desire and create it.

The following list shows all elements that can be created using the Deity element.

  • Aeolus = Deity + Air
  • Dionysus = Deity + Alcohol
  • Cupid = Deity + Angel
  • Maui: Deity + Angler = Maui
  • Maui: Deity + Archipelago = Deity
  • Camazotz = Deity + Bat
  • Dionysus = Deity + Beer
  • Deity + Big = Giant
  • Deity + bird= Garuda
  • Baast = Deity + Cat
  • Deity + Day = Ra
  • Chinese Dragon = Deity + Dinosaur
  • Double Rainbow + Deity = Rainbow Serpent
  • Deity + Drunk = Dionysus
  • Garuda = Deity + Eagle
  • Cosmic egg = Deity + Egg
  • Deity + Evil= Demon
  • Vulcan = Deity + Fire
  • Dryad = Deity + Forest
  • Kitsune = Deity + Fox
  • Deity + Flower= Dionysus
  • Cthulhu = Deity + Galaxy Cluster
  • Cthulhu = Deity + Galaxy
  • Pandora’s Box: Deity + Gift
  • Deity + Grass = The Green Man
  • Deity + Hammer = Mjolnir
  • Tawaret = Deity + Hippo
  • Epona = Deity + Horse
  • Heaven = Deity + House
  • Maui = Deity + Island
  • Deity + Leaf = Green Man


  • Thor = Deity + Lightning
  • Maahes = Deity + Lion
  • Cupid = Deity + Love
  • Vulcan = Deity + Metal
  • Sun Wukong = Deity + Monkey
  • Deity + Moon= Chang’e

God of Sky

  • Zeus = Deity + Mount Olympus
  • Deity + Mountain = Mount Olympus
  • Deity + Ocean = Posidon
  • Dryad = Deity + Orchard
  • Deity + Tree= Green Man
  • Deity + rain= Rainbow Serpent
  • Deity + Rainbow = Rainbow Serpent
  • Quetzalcoatl = Deity + Rainforest
  • Chinese Dragon = Deity + River
  • Garuda = Deity + Roc
  • Deity + Sea = POseidon
  • Deity + = Zeus
  • Deity + Snake = Chinese dragon + Quetzalcoatl
  • Cthulhu = Deity + Solar System
  • Cthulhu = Deity + Space
  • Vulcan = Deity + Steel
  • Thor = Deity + Storm
  • Ra = Deity + Sun
  • Deity + Time = Father Time
  • Deity + tree= Dryad
  • Deity + Turtle = World Turtle
  • Cthulhu = Deity + Universe
  • Volcano + Deity = Vulcan
  • Valkyrie = Deity + Warrior
  • Deity + water = Poseidon
  • Chinese Dragon: Deity + Waterfall
  • Aeolus = Deity + Wind
  • Deity + Wine = Dionysus
  • Fenrir = Deity + Wolf

Did I mention that the list was long? Take a look at the many elements you can create with the Deity element. Imagine how many other elements you could create with these new elements.


As you can see, by creating just one element, we can create many more. Little Alchemy 2 is an enormous game that will keep you entertained while exploring its world.

You can always count on finding more fascinating secrets.

Keep your journey moving and be ready for moreis also available for assistance if you have any difficulties navigating your way.

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