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How to Make Cloud in Little Alchemy 2

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Many alchemy-style games before “Little Alchemy 2” (such as Alchemy and Doodle God) allowed players to create the Cloud element by using combinations of basic building blocks like fire, water and air.

You can find more information on Little Alchemy 2’s ‘how-to-make’ guides: Electricity and Rain, Sky, Moon. Lizard, Clay.

A player would normally need to make Steam before making Cloud. “Little Alchemy 2,” however, takes a different approach when it comes to cloud formation. This book focuses on the creation of elements in a more realistic and detailed way.

Cloud is made by understanding how clouds form naturally on Earth. Also, how they interact with other elements. You have four options to make the Cloud element.

It is important to follow real-world logic and keep your eyes on the planet.

1. Make a planetary atmosphere

If you stand outside and look up, you will see a blue sky with clouds.

While you can associate the Cloud element with Sky, the sky would not be blue without specific gases in the atmosphere.

Cloud formation in real-world requires an atmosphere. This is why Cloud should be created using the Atmosphere element.

“Little Alchemy 2”, offers several methods to make an Atmosphere. The fastest is to create a new planet and then add oxygen to it. To double the size of earth-related components, you first need

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet

A generic Planet icon featuring a blue-green planet, planetary rings and moons. The words “A star dancer” are added to the end.

After you have selected Planet, drag and drop the Air component onto it. The Atmosphere icon is an image of Earth, with continents that are based on real-world geographical locations.

The atmosphere is represented by the bubble in which the planet is enclosed. It is covered by the words “The protective layer of gases around our planet, which protects us against various invisible space horrors.”

2. Moisture can be added to the atmosphere

Another important component of cloud formation is moisture. Clouds are formed when the air is saturated with moisture, and the pressure of the air drops or cools.

This is the same logic used in “Little Alchemy 2”. The Cloud element can be made by simply combing a moisture-related element and Atmosphere.

  • Atmosphere + water
  • Atmosphere + Mist

You don’t have to have the Mist element if you already have it. Water is a fundamental element that’s provided at the beginning of the game. To add Mist to the elements you have, you only need to combine two elements.

  • Air + Water

The Mist icon appears as a series horizontal white lines with varying lengths. It is accompanied by the words “Fog’s little sibling, prone of hiding monsters.”

3. Another Method to Make Cloud

One of the best things about “Little Alchemy 2”, is the ability to create elements in various ways by using elements that are associated with particular elements.

Cloud formation in the real world is more than just atmosphere and water. Clouds are also associated with the sky. This means you can create clouds in the game by using the Sky element.

These combinations can be used to create Sky if you don’t have it in your collection.

  • Planet + Fire = Sun
  • Sky = Atmosphere + Sun

Once you’ve selected Sky, an icon with a sky in gradient colors of blue and white clouds appears on screen. The words “The domain cloud” are also displayed. Drag and drop the Water or mist element onto the Sky to create Cloud.

You can also create a rain cloud in this game. However, it is not an independent cloud element called “Rain Cloud.”

The icon for the Rain element is instead a cloud that has rain pouring from it. Combine the Water and Cloud elements to create this cloud.

Why do you need cloud in “Little Alchemy 2?”

Clouds make up both the day and night sky on Earth, as well as many other planets. Our world would be without certain types of storms, rain, snow, hail, or other weather phenomena.

When the raindrops pass through clouds, rainbows can also form in the sky. Without clouds, there wouldn’t be “rainbow clouds” and “fire clouds”.

Clouds can also drift low into the sky, forming fog close to the ground. After atmospheric pollution has made rain too acidic, acid rain can fall from the clouds in cities.

Skyscrapers are a great place to live and work.

These and other associations are made by the game. Cloud can be used to create 13 additional elements.

  • Sky + Cloud = Air
  • Sky + Cloud = Atmosphere
  • Cloud + Planet = Jupiter
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Cloud + Heat = Rain
  • Cloud + Pressure = Rain
  • Cloud + Cloud = Storm
  • Cloud + Electricity = Lightning & Storm
  • Cloud + Light = Rainbow
  • Cloud + Ice = Hail
  • Cloud + Field = Fog
  • Cloud + Forest = Fog
  • Cloud + Hill = Fog
  • Cloud + Mountain = Fog
  • Cloud + Earth = Fog
  • Cloud + City = Fog
  • Cloud + House = Skyscraper
  • Acid rain = Cloud + Smoke
  • Cloud + Smog = Acid rain
  • Acid Rain = Cloud + Sickness = Sickness
  • Cloud + Plant = Cotton
  • Cloud + Sugar = Cotton Candy
  • Cloud + Livestock = Sheep

Explore New Shapes in the Clouds

Adults and children alike often look at the clouds in order to gain more information about them. They can even try out different shapes and designs just like other objects found in real life. You don’t need to imagine with “Little Alchemy 2”.

Cloud can be used to create many new elements, as you have already seen. Once you’ve created Cloud, you can use it to create other elements.

If you look at Sheep, for example, you will find Alpacas, Barns, Lassos, Leather, and Wool.

Skyscraper can be explored to discover Bank, City and Pigeon. Rats and Ruins can also be found.

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