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How Do You Get Milk in Black Desert Online

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If you are a player who cooks a lot in Black Desert Online, then you know it is difficult to prepare specific recipes like cream, butter, milk, tea, etc. This is primarily because of how much milk is required despite its unavailability in the central market. Also, it is not productive to cook meals that require about 1,500 milk for a meal that costs 500 cooks or thereabout.

As such, you have to identify a way to get milk on the cheap and the most viable is to milk cows yourself. Luckily, the process for doing this is easy and straightforward; however, it costs considerable energy.

If you were unsure of how to get milk in the game, this article will certainly help you. Read on to learn more.

Where Do You Find Milkable Cows?

There are certain locations on Black Desert Online with milkable cows from where you can gather milk; one of these is a ranch in Olivia. Like ranches are wont to be, it has several cows and you can milk them. Further, this ranch provides you with the opportunity to engage in a daily gathering quest that rewards you with gathering experience, strength experience, and contribution experience.

When you complete this quest, you will be rewarded with a selection of cooking ingredients, including milk. As a result, we recommend you put some effort in it. It is important to note that you’ll spend energy when you partake in the quest or milk the cows. For example, you can spend up to 120 energy to gather about 70 milk.

Apart from the ranch in Olivia, you can also find milkable cows on and around Faires Dirt Farm, which is located to the east of Calpheon.

However, going this route will require more energy only to yield lesser volume of milk.

How to Milk Cows in BDO

To milk a cow in BDO, walk to it. Then, click on the “R” button as you would if you were trying to gather any item. This would launch a mini-game that involves alternating between clicking on the left and right mouse buttons until you completely fill up the milk bottle. However, you have to be cautious so as to not empty an udder before you move to another one. If you do – empty an udder – the milking action will fail and you would lose three energy points.

Note that there are only 30 seconds to successfully complete this mini-game; after this, you’d receive between 25 and 40 milk. The exact volume you end up with is dependent on both your gathering skill and RNG, although it will cost you energy points.

Since this gathering method only enables you to gather milk, it is not an efficient use of your main gatherer’s energy. However, it is an efficient way to use your alternate characters’ energy.

How to Get Milk from Side-Dishes

If you can’t get milk via other methods, then you can prepare side dishes for others in exchange for it. If you cook a lot of meals and get requests to prepare these side-dishes as well, then you may not have any problem getting milk in BDO.

Selling Milk for Cash

If you have a considerable volume of milk, you can sell them for some silver when milk becomes expensive. In order to gather such a large volume, consider using the energy of your alternate characters. If each of your characters have up to 200 energy points, you will be able to gather a substantial amount of milk.

To illustrate, if you have five alternate characters with 200 energy points each, you should be able to gather a substantial volume of work that will earn you between 25 and 30 million silver. And the best part is, the gathering will take less than an hour to do.

On a final note, getting milk on BDO is not a difficult task, although it will demand a considerable amount of your energy points. And since you have gotten to the end of this article, we trust you will be able to sell milk and earn silver in no time at all.

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