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How To Fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error

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Are you experiencing error code WSS-37337-3 on PS4? Are you fed up of trying everything? You are not the only one. Most PlayStation 4 error codes don’t come with an explanation on how to troubleshoot it.

It is possible to get confused by error codes such as the ones indicating that your account was suspended or terminated. How long have your accounts been closed? What time will it take to ban me? Other questions can be sparked easily by error codes such as these.

This guide will examine the PS4 WS-37337-3 error code and its possible causes.

What does the PS4 WS-37337-3 Error code mean?

Your PlayStation Network account has been suspended if you are unable to access the PlayStation Network from your PlayStation 4.

“Access to the PlayStation Network has been temporarily or permanently banned for this account. (WS-37337-3), or “This account’s temporary access to the PlayStation Network was suspended due to policy violations.”

An email with additional information will be sent out to the account email address. You can also refer to the Terms of Service and the User Agreement for the Network (WS-37337-3).

If your PSN account has been suspended or banned, you will not be able to access the PlayStation Network and use its products or services. You will not be able use the digital content, such as games and items, that you have purchased.

The severity of the offense determines the length of suspension. You’ll need to check your email for more information. Sony will send you an email informing you about your account suspension and the timeline for its lifting.

What Are the Causes of Error Code WS-37337-3 on PS4

One of these reasons could cause your PSN account to be temporarily suspended. One of the following things could be causing the WS-37337-3 error:

1. Violation of PlayStation Network ToS or Code of Conduct

You must agree to the Terms of Service when you sign up for a PlayStation Network Account. While we understand that not everyone can read the PSN ToS in detail, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t violate them.

Sony’s Terms and Conditions are serious. Violations can lead to a temporary or permanent ban on your account.

In more severe cases, a console ban could be implemented. If your console has been banned, you won’t have access to the PlayStation Network with any PSN Account.

The ToS also includes the Community Code of Conduct (CoC). Violations of the CoC could result in a ban/suspension.

Your account may be suspended or even banned if you are reported as bullying or harassing another player. A console ban may be imposed for regular violations of the ToS and CoC.

2. Bank Issues – Failure to Pay

Your PlayStation account could be temporarily suspended if you have a pending payment which has not been made. Sony will not accept late payments for subscriptions or transactions.

You may have a WS-37337-3 error message that prevents you from using PlayStation Network. Check your bank to determine if you owe Sony any money.

3. Sony suspects fraud

Sony may temporarily suspend an account if they suspect a takeover or unusual purchases.

How do I fix PS4 WS-37337-3 Error

These steps will help you determine why your PlayStation Network isn’t working.

Fix 1: Verify Your Email

Sony will notify you by email if a console or account is banned or suspended. To check your PSN email, you can see any recent updates.

If you haven’t received an email from Sony, please check your Spam folder. If you are certain that they have not sent any email to you, you can contact Sony’s customer support team.

Fix 2: Examine Possible Violations of Terms of Service/Code of Code

You should include information about your account suspension or ban in the email notification sent by Sony. However, you can review the PlayStation ToS along with the CoC to find out more details about your violation.

Fix 3: Make sure you check your bank

You may have difficulty with your payment method if you think you haven’t violated the ToS and CoC.

This could happen if your bank stops forwarding payments to Sony PSN accounts or if you have no payment options.

Fix 4: Log in to your account on any other device

Logging in to your account using a different device will allow you to double-check whether it is a problem with log-in. To verify if your account can be logged in using a different PS4 or mobile device,

Log out of your main PS4 Account and log back in to access the PlayStation Network from your phone or other console.

Contact the Support Team to Fix 5

Account suspensions and bans for consoles and accounts are irreversible. If your account suspension was due to unpaid subscription or transaction, you can contact them to resolve the debt.

Sony should be contacted immediately if you suspect that your account was hacked, or used for unauthorised purchases.

It is highly recommended to contact a Sony representative before requesting a refund on a charge that you do not recognize.

Many people contact Sony to request a refund on unauthorized purchases and payments. This can lead to temporary account suspension.

Fix 6: Wait. Wait. And Wait.

This is not a solution, but advice. This is not a fix, but advice.

Users report an average wait time of 48 to 72hrs, but it can vary from one day to the next. Contact Sony customer service before you wait.

This guide will help you fix PS4 Error WS-37337-3. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out our troubleshooting and gaming guides.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please use our comment section.

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