How to do IRCTC Fast Booking in India

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Hello to all Tech Blog Cloud readers of India as this article is written especially for Indian users. You may have faced it many times, that you are trying to book a ticket online for a train journey on IRCTC; and you are still waiting for your ticket reservation even after the seats are filled. In this article I am going to share IRCTC fast booking method, which will help you to get Tatkal tickets and tickets in case, if there are very less remaining. Firstly, I would like to thank you sir Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration for introducing the trick of IRCTC fast booking and making it easy for us to get our ticket confirmed.

If someone is not known about what this post is all about, I am giving a brief description about Online reservation system in India before telling the secret tricks for IRCTC fast booking.

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC is a website, which is used in all over India for the purpose of booking train tickets. It is best platform to book online train ticket if you are away from a reservation counter or if you are lazy to visit the ticket window and wish to book online tickets. You have to sign up on this website with correct info and you can book your tickets, cancel your reservation, check PNR status, and do a lot more. But, the main problem with the IRCTC servers is its slow speed. This results sometimes in the failure of transaction, complete filling of ticket, and website loading time, until you are not having a super fast internet connection.

How to do IRCTC fast booking?

So, this is the question, everyone is searching for on internet. This is pretty simple and cool method, and you are going to love it. You have to follow the below steps for increasing the booking speed more than 40%:

  1. Go to Magic Autofill for IRCTC.
  2. Click on the box written with Step 1: Fill Reservation Form.
  3. Now here is a form in front for you, which looks too much similar to IRCTC reservation form.
  4. Fill the form and hit Step 2: I’m Feeling Lucky.
  5. Now you will be redirected to a new page. Here are two buttons: Edit Form and Magic Autofill.
  6. If you have made any mistake in filling the form, then choose the option Edit Form else drag the Magic Autofill button (in blue) to your bookmarks bar.
  7. Okay, Great. Your form is already filled.
  8. Now, what you have to do is to login to IRCTC, select your source and destination along with date and category. Select the train which you are going to travel in. And at the time of filling the form, just click that bookmark, named as Magic Autofill (You can change it as per your convenience). Your form will be automatically filled in a seconds. You have saved a lot of time here.
  9. Now pay for the seat and you will get your seat confirmed.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Login before 2 or 3 mins of Tatkal booking, if it logs you out automatically after 5 mins. Say at 9:58 a.m. and you will not be logged out, until your ticket is confirmed.

Over to You:

This is a very simple and easily working trick, but it does not guarantee that your ticket is confirmed. It just helps you in IRCTC fast booking. I hope that all persons who make online reservation for their journey, will like this trick. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcomed through comment sections.

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