How To Beat Procrastination And Become A Successful Marketer?  

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It is so natural for humans to procrastinate because human minds like to be in a relaxed state.

People often find it hard to get going, concentrating and find themselves putting off tedious or unpleasant tasks for as long as possible.

This will do no good to anyone, instead it will cause additional stress and anxiety, especially when the deadline is around.

As a marketer, procrastination could get you into trouble. Since you will be involved in building brands, lead acquisitions, reputation management, email marketing, etc., any task you leave undone can cost you a lot.

For example you may find the email list building a boredom task as you might be spending hours and days to find email addresses.

However, with the right tools and application handy, you can get your job done quickly.

Let us see an example.

How to find email addresses easily?

You can use email lookup tools like to find email addresses of your prospects. By using advanced technology this tool gives accurate results in less time.

How cool was that?

Remember, even the most successful people procrastinate just like any of us – they too at times drag their feet and keep their work on hold.

Then what makes successful people different from the rest?

It is their tendency to push past their lack of interest and keep going ahead.

Let us look at how top executives and successful people overcome procrastination and by applying this to your work, you can also get started to give your fullest potential.

Maintaining a to do list

Every successful person keeps their list of goals handy; this is a tried-and-true method for a person to be on track and keep off procrastination.

Many love to have a pen and paper list rather than using software or application.

1-3-5 rule

1-3-5 rules are remarkably simple and easy to follow. When you write down your daily list of goals to achieve, make sure you assign only nine goals.

Of these nine tasks, one can be a big or tedious task, three medium tasks and five minor tasks.

This method will help you to stick with things that matter most to you for reaching your goals and you will not feel overwhelmed.

Won’t do list

One of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to have a “won’t do list.” For a person to keep giving their best at work it is equally important to be aware of what is holding them back, for some it could be spending time on social media, television, and for some it could be engaging in a never-ending conversation.

You should know what it is that is holding you from doing your tasks.

Two-minute rule

Look at the tasks in front of you, how long will it take you to complete each task?

If a task consumes less than two minutes, do it right away. Next, you can spend two minutes at a time building new habits.

For example, if your goal is to exercise for one hour every day, you could start by doing exercise for two minutes.

Complete your tasks in batches

You cannot bite off more than you can chew.

It is recommended to put your tasks into batches and plan your day to complete each task. You can keep similar tasks under the same batch.

This will give you a good feeling and encourage you to keep going.

Concluding thoughts

You could apply the tips shared in this piece of writing and overcome procrastination. But firstly, embrace your problem I.e., procrastination.

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