How Order Tests For STDs After A One Night Stand

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So you had an unprotected sex? Don’t worry too much. You are not the first one to engage in a no-strings-attached sex. 50-72% of people admit to having one-night stands. With hookup apps, bars and websites, it’s no longer a rarity to get down with a person you barely know.

But it’s equally essential to have a morning-after plan of action, more so if your sexual encounter did not involve a protection. The best thing is to have yourself tested for STIs the morning after. But before we go to that, here is what you should do the moment you realize you’ve had an unprotected one-night stand. More of this information can be found on

Take a short trip to the toilet

For now, you just have to put aside those pregnancy and STI worries. There isn’t much you can do at the moment. Rather, focus on something that is within your control, which is how to lower your UTI risks.

Studies show that approximately 80% of women who contract UTIs (urinary tract infections) have taken part in a sexual act in the last 24 hours. According to Kat Van Kirk, PhD and a licensed family and marriage therapist as well as a clinical sexologist, some women tend to be more susceptible to infections but anyone can avoid UTIs by peeing shortly after sex. Peeing clears out the urethra and in the process, sweeps bacteria.

You are not 100% Likely to Contract an STI after a One-Night Stand

It’s understandable that you might be freaked out but the good news is that while the CDC says STI rates are on the rise, it’s not automatic that you will be infected with a sexually transmitted infection after a one-night stand. There are several factors that determine whether you are infected or not, and they include your partner’s geographical area and age, whether you are currently sick or whether you presently have a microabrasion on your mouth, anus, penis, vagina or any other areas of your body that have exposure to fluids or skin-to-skin contact.

Get Tested for UTIs

But these are just measures you can take to lower your risk for UTIs infections. The best thing to do the following day is to get yourself tested for UTIs and if the test is positive, you get the necessary treatment.

Luckily, thanks to Mylabbox, you can order online, get tested at home and even get discrete results in as little as 3 days. Here is how it works:


Step 1: Order online

You can order for a UTI tests right from the comfort of your couch. You don’t need to visit a lab or even book appointment with a medical practitioner.

Step 2: Test at Home

Collect and send your urine sample in just less than 5 minutes.

Step 3: Get Results

You get your results within 3-5 days and you can bet that they are just as accurate as those you would take at a clinic.

Step 4: Free Consultation

You get same-day doctor phone conversation after the delivery of your results and you don’t have to pay anything. works with the best labs and health experts to ensure that the results you get are not only as accurate as those done in a doctor’s office or clinic, but that they meet the nationwide standards.

Complete Peace of Mind

It gives you total peace of mind by providing fast tests and confidential results without leaving the comfort of your living room. While I don’t want to encourage irresponsible and unprotected sex, if you ever get involved in a one-night stand, know that has you covered.

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