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Accept it or not, but there is a problem that most of us face in regular internet surfing and that is due to strange behavior of Google. I am not talking about searching using Google, but I am just talking about opening a fresh page of What is it? If ever noticed, whenever you try to open it is being redirected to the country specific page, of which ISP(Internet Service Provider) you are using to surf the internet. For example: A user in India tries to open, but ultimately what does he/she gets? It is, or say Google for India.

Google does it by default for making the user experience better according to his/her location as search results are different for different countries. But, sometimes it may be very annoying for you,when you need a specific search on so, have you ever thought how to stop Google from doing so? Or do you know any method by using which you can prevent Google from being redirected to the specific country URL? If not,then you should have a look below. I am giving you a very simple trick for it:

How to Prevent Google from Redirecting in a Country’s Domain?

  • To prevent from redirecting to country specific Google, you need to go to the URL below :

  • Now, it will redirect you to instead of any country specific Google page and from next time whenever you will open it will open the original one, you wished to open.


  1. You should have cookies enabled in your browser.
  2. ‘ncr’ stands for no country redirection.

What if you want to revert this process?

If you wish to open as a country specific Google Home – Page, then delete the cookies of your browser and check it. Now it will start redirecting to your country’s Google.

Deleting cookies from a browser

Most of the users know it, so I am not going into depth of it. What you have to do in order to delete the cookies is:

  1. Go to History(Ctrl+H in Google Chrome).
  2. Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Select the option named as “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data”.
  4. Hit the button “Clear browsing data”.
  5. Cookies of your browser are removed.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Go to “Clear Recent History” (Ctrl+Shift+Del) tab.
  2. Open the details.
  3. Select Cookies and click on “Clear Now”.
  4. Cookies are deleted now.

I hope that you liked this article. Now, I wish from you people to tell me when do you need to open only. You may use the comments section below for any comments on this article.

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