Get Blog Posts Noticed Easily – 5 Best Ways to Make It A Top Celebrity

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Every blogger desires to make blog posts noticed. SEO is fine to get blog posts noticed across search engines, but what about improving blog post visibility among readers. Inspite of ranking higher in search engines, why do some bloggers fail to get blog posts noticed? Are you one of those? Is your post invisible to readers? Is it not getting more hits? If yes, then follow the tips on how to get blog posts noticed easily and increase blog viewership.

Writing good blog content is a passion of many bloggers, but still some fail to make it noticed. The only reason is they simply compose the post and hit the publish button. In short they drag their blog posts into the dark and let it rot in isolation. Stop doing that.

Get blog posts noticed like never before

Before I reveal the secret ways to improve your blog post visibility, let’s just emphasis on the need to make blog post noticed. Getting your blog post noticed among viewers has many advantages.

Reasons to get blog post noticed

  • Get more hits from readers
  • Improve Alexa ranking
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increased chances of being shared
  • Draw advertisers to your blog

Best ways to get blog posts noticed

Having said that, you must have got an idea why you have to make your blog posts seen. But, now the question is how. I have listed the best ways to get blog posts noticed easily. If you follow these tips your blog posts will always be in the lime light and noticed, just like a top celebrity.

1. Write Killer headlines

The best way to draw a crowd towards a blog post is to write great headlines. If you can think from a reader’s point of view then surely you can compose clickable titles. Some proven and time tested titles to get blog posts noticed are how to guides, lists, comparisons, controversial topics etc.

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2. Be Original, Be Unique, Be Yourself

Being original has its own benefits. Everyone loves posts that gives a different view point to a topic or shares unique facts. Viewers will look upto you in your niche for quality content, immaterial of whether your blog posts rank higher in search engines or not.

3. Write Great Content each time

Alongwith a little patience, writing great blog content is the best way to get blog posts noticed. Nothing compensates a well composed writing. Adopt few SEO practices and sooner or later it will draw traffic and get noticed.

4. Aid your content with good design

This is a major reason why some blog posts don’t get noticed. And even if they do get noticed by viewers, the bounce rate is very high. Avoid writing clumsy content and keep distractions to a minimum. Try making your content scanable with enough white spaces.

5. Share, share and more shares

Another best way to get blog posts noticed is to go where you want them to be noticed. Guest post on other blogs and share your views. Engage with fellow bloggers online and share your blog posts on social networks to increase viewership.

There are many who keep telling you to write content that would get noticed by search engines, and some may even help you in the process. But believe me; if you get blog posts noticed among your readers, then you don’t have to worry too much about excessive SEO practices. So, it’s upto you, whether you will write blog posts that get noticed in search engines or among blog readers.

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