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How to Get Free Valorant Twitch Prime Skins in 2022?

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You can claim Valorant skins for free! We have all the details on Valorant’s top gaming drops.

Valorant Twitch Prime skins:Riot has partnered with Amazon in order to offer prime skins and loot to their users via Twitch Prime. Prime users can also get free rewards by simply joining the Valorant stream. To get the Valorant loot free of charge, players need to subscribe to Prime Gaming offered by Amazon.

Here are the details on how to get these premium skins free of charge in Valorant.

Valorant Twitch Prim Skins: How to Claim It For Free in 2022

Riot introduced the tactical shootout 5 vs5 game in 2020. The game is very popular and has been around for one year. To win, players must select agents and win 13 rounds. There are also more than 14 players in the game, and 5 maps.

Many beginners are forced to use the default skin, which isn’t a good idea. Players must also spend some valorant points to purchase gun skins. One gun skin can cost between 1000-1800 Valorant Points, and not everyone is able to afford it.

Riot introduced Twitch Prime to help players get new skins. To get these skins, players must do two things. The first is to link their Riot ID account to their prime gaming account. To receive a drop, players must first have a prime gaming subscription.

What is Prime Gaming? How can you get Valorant Loot from It?

Amazon rebranded Twitch Prime and renamed the service Prime gaming. Players can also purchase the Twitch prime subscription to enjoy both gaming platforms’ experiences.

Twitch Prime has always offered viewers free skins in the past. Riot is a big fan of this feature, and many League of Legends players have experienced it. Now, the Valorant players can get some skins via Twitch Prime.

Games like Rocket League also offer their players the chance to get in-game drops that turn out to be exciting prizes.

Linking Riot ID and Prime Gaming

Both accounts must be used by players to log in. To claim your free skins, make sure that you have linked your Twit account with the Riot ID after signing up for a Prime subscription.

These steps will help you link your account:

Step-1 – Login To Twitch

Step-2 Open the connection page under settings, and choose Riot ID. You must link the ID you use to play frequently.

Step 3: Click the Connect button, then click on Authorize.

You’ll get prime loots in Valorant if your accounts are linked. What kind of skins will you receive and what are the requirements to obtain these skins in Valorant?

How to Claim Valorant Skins on Twitch Prime?

Twitch has many missions to help you claim your free drops. They can also watch their favorite streamers and do a variety of activities to get these drops often. After you have connected your Twitch Prime account, there are a few other things that can be done to get a lot of Valorant loot.

Once a player has completed a specific mission, the chatbox will show a claim button. Players can click that button to claim their rewards. Let’s take a look at what missions we can expect to find drops in these missions.

Step-1 After you have claimed your drops from Chatbox, visit Drops inventory to locate them

Step 2: Go To Inventory

Step 3: Once you complete missions, you’ll be able to find the Valorant prime loot as well as every skin.

Get Valorant Skins by completing Twitch Prime’s Different Missions

These skins and rewards can be accessed on different channels. You can also claim rewards by opening the twitch.

The rewards are usually time-based so players must visit the streamer during that time period in order to receive the Valorant loot. There’s also a bar that shows how many missions have been completed. It’s easy for players to see how many missions they have completed to claim their rewards.

Skins and Rewards in Valorant

Most players have at least one Valorant skin. To add players, you can join the Valorant streams at Prime gaming to claim your loot rewards.

Buddy in Valorant is one of the rewards. Buddy, an ornament-like structure, can be used on guns to make them look great. These structures can be either temporary or time-limited depending on how long players watch.

There are two types gun skins available in Valorant. The first is a basic one with new colors and a new look. Premium skins have a different crosshair, sound, and kill animation. These skins can be obtained by Valorant points. The twitch prime also provides simple loot and gun skins.

Twitch may give premium skins free of charge in rare instances.

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