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Fortnite Thanos Cup Leaderboard NA West | All details

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Fortnite Thanos Cup leaderboard:The Fortnite Thanos Cup was held for the NA West from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Epic organized the event for duos. You can find more information on their official website. We’ll now discuss the standings, stats, and points of the top teams in NA West.

Information about the Thanos Cup Fortnite

Epic Games officially announced the rules and details of the Thanos Cup on June 9th. The schedule for NA West was set today, from 6:30 to 9:30 AM . The matches would be decided by multiple matches, with a maximum of 10 matches. You can read more information about the Thanos Cup here.

Fortnite Thanos Cup Leaderboard NA West

The leaderboard can be found here. There you can see all the Fortnite Thanos Cup placements and rankings. EngBaboon96 teamed up with Lucas Is Bad to make it to the #1 rank in NA West. Finaly, they won 3 Victory Royales after playing in a total 10 matches. With a staggering 95 eliminations, they came out on top.

Other teams were not far behind the others in the competition. Aufinity & TP dqson placed #2 with 78 eliminations. XSET Av & Playify had 91 eliminations and one Victory Royale in only 9 matches.

Outstanding teams in Thanos Cup leaderboard NA West

TwitterHealthyFN and SLCT SHorse came very close to the 3rd rank, with 100+ eliminations each and 2 Victory Royales. vehx and PSR Lzer achieved astonishingly high 113 elims, with 3 Victory Royales at the same. They managed to reach the top 10 in just six matches, which is a truly amazing feat. They were among the top 10 teams in the tournament and did an outstanding job. MOE IGM & EF Tazz also achieved a remarkable result with four Victory Royales.

The Thanos outfit was awarded to the 600 highest ranks in NA-West. These placements were determined from Session 1 on Fortnite Thanos Cup Leaderboard North America West.

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