How to Fix Windows 8.1 Black Screen Issue

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The Windows has been a highly versatile operating system of all time as it works on different compatible machines and is perfect for the people who have no idea of how to operate the system as it provides the simplest yet powerful interface for the interaction to the machine. The latest version of the Windows 8.1 has been a major breakthrough as it is not only fit for the desktop and laptops, but also take a step ahead and sync it to the new world of the tablet and the mobile phones. The windows 8.1 is so versatile and robust that most of its issues, if any, are solved without having the whole operating system re-installed in the system. Taking the advantage of these robust features of this amazing operating system, here is a trick to solve the black screen issue that frequently appears in the PCs.

How to Fix Windows 8.1 Black Screen Issue:

Windows Black Screen Troubleshoot

First of all, it is important to understand why this issue is popping up. The major reason this issue might be the simplest solution for it. This is because they do not support many features like the enhanced serial bus operations and so on. Hence, it might cause the trouble when installed on the very old models of the machine. The most common problem that people report is the black screen. When they install the windows 8.1 on the PC and start the system, the first run of the system shows the black screen with e cursor on it. Although the cursor of the pointing device will be working perfectly, it will not show anything apart from the black color on the whole screen. Not only this, but the people who are working on the system for long, having the windows 8.1 on it, might suddenly get the same error on the black screen and the whole system might go blank.


Do not worry. Your data is safe and secure in the hard disk drive and also the work is safe in the system. The only trouble is with the graphics driver. The graphics of the windows 8.1 are based upon the very new algorithms that support the latest version of the graphics drivers as well as the modern graphics card. The higher graphics card does not mean that you will be able to enjoy the windows 8.1 on the PC. Since you need to follow the certain steps that will safely fix the problem on the operating system as well as on the PC and you will be able work upon it again. Just follow the steps given below.

The steps are simple and do not involve re-installing the operating system back to the original state. Just restart the system, after you back up all your data to the non system partition of the hard disk drive. This can often be understood from the example of the older version of the windows XP where you save the data in the drives.

While the system is booting up, go to the advanced control panel. Now this is different than what it actually means. In earlier version, it was the F8 key that used to take you on the advanced control panel where you can choose the restore the system or go to the safe mode. In this, you still need to press the F8 key, but it might differ depending upon the configuration of your machine.

Just enter the safe mode, update the graphics driver restart the system in the normal mode. Bingo! Your system will now work. The experts from the Microsoft revealed that the windows 8.1 is designed to be compatible with the modern devices and might not get in sync with the older versions of the machines that are having the other components like the PATA hard disk drive. But, now it is solved. So, enjoy!

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