How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Build 7601 Error

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The operating system is the soul of the whole machine. There is no profit of using the system without the operating system. The whole working of the machine is based upon the operating system. But, what will you do if the operating system of your machine becomes the trouble for you. Many people reported that their Windows 7 has started giving the error 7601 ‘Not Genuine Build’. This is often the case with those who install the fake version of the Windows 7 and innocently updates and register it with the officials Microsoft store.

But, due to various types of virus, malware and other potential risks, the genuine copies of the windows 7 operating system are corrupted and give the same error. There is a major way to tackle this error. Just, repair the installation from the official disk of the Microsoft Windows 7 SP1. But, if you do not have any fear of losing the data, because it is not useful or due to any other reason, you are free to install the new copy of the windows from the fresh end. But, if you are choosing to repair it, it means that you need to save your data. “Windows 7 Not Genuine Build 7601 Error ” is very common and can be rectified after following the below information.

How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Build 7601 Error:


For this, you need to consider certain advices. First of all, backup all your data on the external drive. The best way is to save the data to the external; flash drive and restore it back to the main drive after repairing the operating system. Another option is to save the data from the system drive to other non-system drive so that it does not get affected by the repair work. Also, the system configuration will be restored to the original state, including the sound services, visual effects, animation effects, time and gadgets in the sidebar. If you agree to this, just follow the instruction.

First of all, login to the administrator account of the system and disable all the firewall or antivirus as it might cause interruption during the process. Download the ISO image of the Windows 7 and get it on the DVD/ USB drive using the third party download tool. Or, you can get the original copy of the OS that you already have.


Next step is to boot the ISO file from the external drive and choose the option ‘Install Now’. The series of the dialog box will appear. Choose the option as you feel apt. If you are connected to the internet, just check for the updates so that your machine gets the latest update from the source. Agree to the License Agreement and choose the network connection type from the next dialog box. The windows 7 installation will start which will take a few minutes depending upon the system configurations.

Restart the system and you will see that windows will prepare your system for the first start. Just enter the genuine windows key in the dialog box that comes next. Select the apt settings for security, time and network access from the wizards. Once you are done with this configuration, you will be ready to access your system just like the new one.

Fortunately, the new looking system isn’t all new as your data will be backed up in the non-system drive. Even if you find any missing file from the system folder, you can always look for it in the windows.old folder. But, be sure that it is not affected by the threat as it can again infect your new operating system. After this, just run the disk cleanup wizard so that you can be sure of having nothing risky in your PC and can be free to use it again.

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