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First Merit Bank Online Banking Login

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First Merit Bank, a premier banking services company, was established in 1866. Huntington Bancshares and First Merit Bank are merging to form a large corporation that has more than 300 years of combined experience. They offer services at their branches as well as on their website.


Follow these steps to log in to your First Merit online bank account:

Step 1. First, visit the bank’s website. You can find the website at

Step 2. Step 2. Next, select Online Banking. Enter your account number in the respective 1 and 2. Once you have completed this step, click on Login.

Step 3. Step 3. Enter your password, and then click the Enter key. This will take to your account.


Follow these steps to recover your password if it has been lost.

Step 1. Begin by logging in to the website, as per the first step.

Step 2. Click on the Online Account tab and enter your username or account number.

Step 3. On the next page, enter your password. Below, you’ll see a link for your forgotten password.

Step 4. Follow the link to recover your password.


Step 1. First, visit the website. Click the banner for online banking on the homepage.

Step 2. Step 2.

Step 3. Step 3. You can find more details at thispage.


You can access your online account via your computer or mobile device. The account is accessed using your account number, password, and username. You will find many features inside the account such as:

  • Check out your account transaction history
  • Check out your cancelled checks
  • View your account statement
  • Transferring money between accounts
  • Loan payments
  • Stopping payments on checks
  • Ordering checks
  • Changing your mailing address

These features are important because they make it easier and faster to go to your local branch.


First Merit Bank was established in 1845 as Old Phoenix National Bank, Medina, Ohio. It was established in 1845.

The bank has had many mergers over the years. In 1996, FirstMerit Corporation was formed from 6 Ohio banks. This created FirstMerit Bank.

First Merit Bank, the 28 th largest bank by assets, is located in Akron Ohio. First Merit Corporation, a $25.1B multifinancial services firm with 384 locations in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio and 412 ATMs throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio and Ohio, is based in Akron.


First Merit Bank offers the following benefits:

  • Benefits and features

Personal accounts under the Reality brand are the bank’s most prominent feature. For those looking for low-cost banking, the Reality Checking Account is the first. There is no minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee for this account.

This account also offers free paperless statements, free online banking and bill payment; $50 minimum deposit; free mobile banking; alerts; and enrollment in MeritRewards

Statement Savings Account is the second most popular feature of the Bank. This account is easy to open and manage. This account is for those who want a basic account to help them save money.

You will receive paperless statements, mobile banking and alerts free of charge; easy online banking; interest earning when you maintain a minimum daily account balance of $50; a $50 minimum opening deposit is required.

  • Text banking

Text Banking allows customers to take advantage of this service by sending a message to the designated number listed on the bank’s website.

Texting allows customers to request information and keep informed about important account activities.

Customers can choose to receive text alerts: security alerts; low balance alert with transfer possibility; payment alerts; balance alerts; scheduled alerts or transaction alerts.


First Merit Bank is one of the most prominent banks in the United States. However, there are some downsides to banking with them.

  • Closing fees

The 25 dollar closing fee for closing accounts within the first year is one penalty that seems questionable.

This is unfair on the consumer as major banks do not charge this fee to close savings or checking accounts. Services that are offered at no cost by the bank may also be charged fees.

The bank may also charge additional fees such as:

  • Card Replacement: ATM/Debit Card-$3
  • A monthly fee of $1 is charged to your ATM card
  • The initial Debit Card Design Amendment is free. However, thereafter you will need to pay $5
  • Special handling costs for debit cards $25
  • Foreign transaction fees are $3
  • Non-FirstMerit ATM Fees are $2.5 per transaction
  • Account closure within three months of opening costs $25
  • 35 USD charge-off fee
  • The check image enclosure fee is $3/month
  • Foreign collection fee $50
  • Foreign check deposit $5 per item
  • $25 inactive checking account fee
  • Interim statement: $5
  • The closing fee for savings club membership is $10
  • The withdrawal fee for the savings club is $5
  • Mobile deposit fee is $5 per deposit
  • The paper statement fee is $3
  • $5 fee for re-deposit items
  • The $10 fee for a returned check that has been deposited
  • You will need to pay $33 to stop payments if your credit card is stolen.

These fees are not the only ones that the bank charges. There is also overdraft/insufficient funds.

These fees can quickly add up if you have a personal bank account or a small business customer. It is possible that there are a lot of funds that you owe to the bank.


It doesn’t make sense to charge a fee when closing an account. The flagship savings and checking accounts are worth looking at as they are affordable and don’t require monthly fees. Text banking is another great feature that you won’t find at many banks.

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