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Lynels: Where to Find Them and How to Kill them in BoTW

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Lynels in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are monsters that are built like centaurs. These monsters have been in Hyrule for ages. They are intelligent, resilient, and strong and this makes them dangerous and formidable.

These creatures are difficult to defeat. This is primarily because they possess a natural resistance to every element in the game. However, they are of immense value, which is why players hunt them.

There are four types of this creature; they are:

  • Red-Maned Lynel – Like its name suggests, this type of Lynel has a red mane. If you have played the Divine Beast Vah Ruta Main Quest, it is highly likely that you have met one. This type of Lynel has 2,000 HP and is, by far, the easiest to defeat.
  • Blue-Maned Lynel – The Blue-maned Lynel has, you guessed it, a blue mane. Furthermore, it has 3,000 HP.
  • White-Maned Lynel – This is the third Lynel type. Naturally, it has a white mane. Also, it has 4,000 HP.
  • Silver Lynel – Unlike most of the other Lynels, the Silver Lynel has a large part of its body covered in white/silver hair. It has 6,000 HP and is the toughest of the bunch. Also, it drops the most loot of them all.

How to Locate Lynels

Lynels are one of the surest ways to acquire large loots, which you can then use to upgrade your armor. Because of this, players almost always choose to fight them. Besides, if any of these monsters catches sight of you, it will charge at you without a second thought. That is to say, the option to retreat is hardly ever available; even when it is, gamers hardly ever choose it.

In order to have the upper hand when fighting these creatures, it is better you locate them first and take the fight to them instead of the alternative.

You can find these monsters in the following places:

Mount Ploymus

You’ll first come across Lynels on Mount Ploymus while collecting Shock Arrows that will assist you on the Divine beast Vah Ruta quest. However, at this stage of the game, you likely do not have the capacity to take them on. So, do not attack.

To get to Mount Ploymus, find your way to Zora’s Domain, and swim northeast through the waterfalls.

Tabantha Tundra

You’ll find multiple white-maned Lynels in this region. There is one to the south of Sha Gehma Shrine. You will also find one to the west of Qaza Tokki Shrine, in the North Lomei Labyrinth. As mentioned above, white-maned Lynels are tougher than blue and red-maned ones, so take extra care with them.

Regardless, they drop better loots. So, while they are risky to take on, it is a high-rewards venture. For example, if you defeat the white-maned Lynel, you will earn the Savage Lynel Down. This has a whooping 58 attack which will definitely enhance your gameplay.

Oseria Plains

There’s a red-maned Lynel on Oseria Plains, located east of Ishto Soh Shrine. (You’ll find this shrine southwest of Lake Tower).

Rok Woods

There is a blue-maned Lynel at the southern end of Rok Woods. These woods are located west of the Akkala Tech Lab.

Other places you can find Lynels include: Lanayru Road – East Gate, Kamah Plateau, Nautelle Wetlands, and Coliseum Ruins.

How to Fight and Beat Lynels

Before you deign yourself ready to fight a Lynel, equip yourself with a set of sturdy armor. It will help if you can upgrade this armor two or three times. Asides this, you should also secure a strong shield: having one means you will be able to reduce the amount of damage a swing of the Lynel’s axe will wreak on you.

We recommend you go for any of the following shields: Royal Shield, Lynel Shield, Hylian Shield, and Guardian Shield.

Apart from these two items, you will need the following:

  • Arrows, preferably lightning or bomb.
  • A Great Eagle Bow. If you can find something better, then certainly go for it.
  • 12+ Hearts.
  • Stasis+
  • Multiple swords that can deal at least 30 damage.
  • Hearty Fried Wild Greens to replenish all your hearts and give you extra temporary hearts.

Once you have all of these in place, you can start thinking of taking Lynels on. Below are methods you can use to fight them:

Sneak and Attack

Lynels have a large detection radius. As such, they can hear Link coming even when he’s far away. If you see a question mark on a Lynel’s head, then it has heard you coming. This question mark will be an exclamation point if it has seen you.

You should try to delay a Lynel perceiving you for as long as possible. The reason for this is that you will be able to get close to the monster and then properly position yourself to attack it.

Fight it Up Close

While it is terrifying, your best chance of winning a fight with a Lynel is to fight it up close. Ensure you parry its attacks when necessary and deal your own too. Avoid moving too far as this will give it the required range to fire arrows which it has a wide range of. And when this happens, defeating it can become even harder as it will be able to follow these attacks with others.

When you fight a Lynel, keep in mind that you can parry its attacks, regardless of its weapon of choice. You can also parry its fireball and head charge attacks. So, stand your ground and ensure you take more than your fair share of flesh.

Evade their Attacks and Unleash a Flurry of Attacks

It is important that you evade a Lynel’s attacks as often as you can. It is equally important that you deal your own flurry of attacks immediately.

To do this, lock Link on to the monster. Then, when it’s about to attack, press the X button to evade the attack and the Y button to unleash a flurry.

Parry the Fire Attack

The Fire Blast is one of the most dangerous attacks a Lynel can subject you to. Before they unleash this attack, they usually roar after which they then swing their weapon into the ground.

Luckily, you should be able to parry it and avoid getting damaged. To do this, use your shield the moment the monster’s weapon hits the ground.

So, take note of these signs; when they occur, be prepared for them.

Stun and Mount

You can stun Lynels by hitting their head with an arrow. If you are successful, they will kneel on the ground. When this happens, mount them and unleash a flurry of attacks to subdue them.

Mount and Swap

When you mount a Lynel, you can change your weapon to a two-handed sword like the Lynel Crusher or Royal Broadsword. This will enable you to deal more damage than the flurry of attacks, which can only deal as much damage as a one-handed sword.

What Items Do Lynels Drop

When you defeat a Lynel, it will drop some items. Some of these items are:

  • Lynel Guts, Lynel Horn, and Lynel Hoof – You can use these items to upgrade your Barbarian armor.
  • Fire Arrows or Shock Arrows – You can amass up to 20 of these.

The blue-maned Lynel drops the following on defeat:

  • Mighty Lynel Sword – 30 attack
  • Mighty Lynel Crusher – 54 attack

The white-maned Lynel drops the following on defeat:

  • Savage Lynel Spear – 30 attack
  • Savage Lynel Bow – 3 x 32 attack
  • Savage Lynel Sword – 58 attack
  • Savage Lynel Shield – 62 defense
  • Savage Lynel Crusher – 78 attack

With these items, you can take on opponents with more confidence as you will be well-placed to defeat them.

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