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The Escape From Tarkov Reserve Map Guide

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Escape from Tarkov is a slow-paced, highly tactical video game that requires its players to get an edge over their opponents. Truth be told, the game is a bit complex. However, it is pleasant. Also, it has several fantastic maps that make it even more fun to play.

Escape from Tarkov is realistic and this results in players being left with little to no time to analyze events. Because of this, players who aren’t prepared can become confused quite easily. So, you have to be ready to engage in fights at all times and also to make quality decisions on the spot. And if you intend to partake in raids and dominate them, it is necessary that you know the ins and outs of the different maps of the game.

The Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is different from most of the game’s other maps as it shows off a huge percentage of what you can do. Also, it has the right balance of buildings and mountainous terrain, and this makes it the ideal location for beginners to the game to get started. Although it is a bit difficult to master, the Reserve map enables you to have greater control over how you play.

In this guide, we will help you understand different areas of the game such as the loot areas and extraction points. We will also list the areas you should watch out for and give you tips on how to navigate the map, among others.


Reserve is situated in an old military base; this is one of the reasons why there are numerous unique elements within it. As opposed to other Tarkov locations, it has many points of interest and several cool features. These include burnout tanks, bunkers, and stress dressing. Along with these, its design is more open than that of other locations.

Regardless of how you like to play, whether sniping or close combat, Reserve has the perfect spots for you. If all you are interested in is finding loots, you can be sure they are abundantly available on this map; you will find many lootable locations scattered across several sections of the base. If your focus is to make gains, this map offers you many opportunities to do so. And if you are in it just to have fun, there is no shortage of fun elements in it. In short, Reserve has something for everybody.

There are three basic points of interest in this map. They are:

  • A radar tower overlooking the map; it is an excellent spot for snipers.
  • A central area around the Queen building and other loot buildings.
  • A train station and an armored train.

Also, there is an extensive underground section, which is so large it can constitute a map all by itself.

How to Identify Your Spawn Points and Find Your Way Around

To find your way around when you spawn, it is important that you can identify your location on the map. To do this, you have to be able to recognize some of the key features. You can then take this a step forward by knowing where next to move.

The best point of reference in the Escape from Tarkov Reserve map is the dome sniper tower. This is because it is very big and visible to the entire west end of the map; this makes it easy to locate when you spawn. If, after glancing around following a spawn, you see a dome sniper tower, know that you are on the west end of the map.

However, if you can’t find the tower, then you are on the east end. If this is the case, you will find a train station in your vicinity. While it is not easily identifiable like the sniper tower, it still is easy to locate.

With these two reference points, you will find it easy to figure out where you are on the map. This will enable you to get into the action faster since you will have a good idea of where the other players are heading and know what your next step should be.

The Flow and Chokepoints of Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map

The flow of the Reserve map is quite different from that of other maps within the game. This is because it is more open; hence, does not require the chokepoints that are a normal part of other maps. It also means you can’t be forced to areas of the map you don’t want to be in, and can, therefore, play without restrictions.

To engage in concentrated action on Reserve, head to the train station or the dome tower: they are the two most popular spots and this makes them prime locations for action.

Note: a huge part of this map focuses on looting and extracting.

Reserve Looting

One of the many reasons why players love Reserve is the incredible amount of loot it has. However, not all loots are valued the same. Instead, each loot’s value depends on where it is found. In line with this are locked behind rooms and sections and you will need to hunt for their keys before you can claim the loots in them.

There is a total of 29 keys in this map with each granting entrance to a room or section. Obtaining these keys is a time-consuming process; it involves looting. They are scattered across a wide variety of locations from drawers to Scav locations, among others. If you, however can’t find them in any of these places, you are highly likely to do so at the Flea Market.

As you go looting, regular Scavs and a group of raiders might spawn in. So, always be on your guard and be ready to defend yourself if this happens.

By the way, you are entitled to two stationary weapons in this map: the “AGS-30 grenade launcher and the NSV 12.7 x 108 heavy machine gun. Both have random amounts of ammo and would be well worth your while if you find them.

Escape from Tarkov Reserve Map Extraction Points

When you are done looting, the next thing to do will be to escape. To do this, you will need to get to locations known as extraction points. There are several of these locations in Reserve and each of them is located in a different part of the map. As a result, you can strategically plan your exit and lessen your chances of getting into trouble.

Despite the high prevalence and distribution of these extraction points, you will still have to cover a large swath of ground to get to them. Fortunately, familiarity with these exits can greatly influence your safe extraction. Because of this, you should learn about the locations of the different extraction points in Reserve and how you can get there.

Below is a list of these points, keep them in mind:

  • Armored Train
  • Bunker Hermetic Door
  • Cliff Descent
  • CP Fence
  • Depo Hermetic Door
  • Heating Pipe
  • Hole in the Fence by the Mountain
  • Sewer Manhole
  • Scav Lands

Armored Train: This extraction point is located in the eastern part of the map, close to the rolling stock repair and maintenance depot. When the train approaches the station, you will hear a horn. However, it will only be in the area for a period of seven minutes, so make haste.

One minute from the train’s departure time, it will honk again. Finally, it will honk twice when it sets off. You should already be in the train by this time, or else you will not be extracted.

Bunker Hermetic Door: This location is close to the military guard barracks in the southeastern part of the map; it is available for use at any time. To access it, proceed to the left side of the helicopter around where the shack is located. Unlock the door and make your exit within four minutes. Ensure you stay alert all through as raiders sometimes spawn when you unlock the door.

Cliff Descent: This extraction point is situated to the northern part of the map and is behind a building. To arrive there, you will need the paracord and the red rebel icepick. Also, you can’t wear body armor for this part. However, you can remove your body armor and put it in your backpack if there is space in it.

Scav Lands: To access this extraction point, you have to team up with a friendly scav. After this, proceed to the southern end of the map. Note that you can’t extract alone; you will need to do alongside a scav.

Sewer Manhole: This is one of the most commonly used extraction points in the game, and it is available at all times. However, it is quite exposed and you should be careful while using it. By the way, you will not be able to wear a backpack to extract here.

Vantage Point

The best spot to have an overview of the map is the Dome Tower; it is situated to the northern section of the map. If you enjoy sniping, it makes for a good vantage point and this makes sniping enjoyable and fun. Because of this, it is very popular and usually occupied. Hence, endeavor to confirm its occupation or not before you approach it.

In the same vein, if you take the tower, always be at alert as there will certainly be other players looking to knock you off your high perch and take your spot.

Scav Boss

The Scav Boss in Escape from Tarkov Reserve, Glukhar, is perhaps the most advanced one in the game. He usually spawns around any of the Dorms, the K Buildings, and the Repair Depot; he always has six guards with him.

As already mentioned, Glukhar is tough. Therefore, it will be difficult to defeat him in a straight fight. However, it is possible. You simply need to take out your thinking cap and approach it strategically. The most effective strategy you can use to defeat Glukhar is to lure the members of his team into an enclosed space and eliminate them one after the other as they come through the doorway.

And once you are done, then and only then should you go after Glukhar himself.

On defeating him, you will gain the following rewards:

11 Tactec Plate Carrier; Ars Arma A18 Skanda Plate Carrier; ANA Tactical M2 Armored Rig; Cyre Precision AVS Platecarrier; Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM; Silenced Stechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM; F-1 Grenade; M67 Grenade; Wartech TV-110 Plate Carrier; ANA Tactical M1 Armored Rig; Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Harness; PACA Soft Armor; Fast MT; LZSh; Armasight NVG Mask; Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount; Ash-12 Assault Rifle; Springfield Armory M1A; Submachine Gun 19-01 Vityaz-sn 9X19; TerraGroup Labs Access Keycard; GP Coin; IFAK; Lab Blue Keycard.

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