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22+ Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Tips and Tricks For Beginners

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Are you interested in getting started with Elder Scrolls Online? These tips and tricks will help you get started in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online (or ESO) is a huge game with tons of content. It’s easy for a beginner to be distracted by the many side-quests and open-world areas, weapon upgrades, cosmetics, and other content.

It was the same for me when I first started playing the game earlier in the year. I was able to navigate the game using online videos and guides.

There were still things that the old online guides didn’t mention. These things I learned the hard way. This post will share the tips that I have learned so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

1. Avoid buying weapons or armor

You’ll quickly level up, and your armor and weapon will also become obsolete. It’s not worth spending your hard-earned money on new weapons or armor.

As a reward, you will also receive new weapons and armor through missions. You can also use them to level up. Save your gold by using the free stuff.

Do not worry about mastering a building yet. Do not start thinking about building until you reach level 50.

2. Keep Learning the Advised Skills

You’ll find a wide variety of skills and abilities depending on which class you choose.

I was initially unsure of which skills I should unlock. I chose the most interesting skills. A big mistake. For a small fee, I can have my skills reset at any time. So, I decided to continue experimenting and reset my skill tree when I reached level 50.

It’s better to learn the recommended skills first. These are the skills the game will suggest you unlock.

3. Concentrate on the Main Quests

The amount of content in ESO was overwhelming. Everywhere I went, there were NPCs with new quests. It was overwhelming.

Side-quests are great, but I prefer to stay focused on the main quests. Do the same.

4. Use Wayshrines For Fast Travel

It took me some time to realize there was a way to travel fast for free. To travel across the globe fast, I spent hundreds of dollars.

Then, I realized it didn’t cost any extra if I used a Wayshrine for travel to another Wayshrine. This was not mentioned in any online guide.

5. Prioritize On Hitting Level 50

Solo players like myself should aim to reach Level 50. This is where ESO really gets fun.

ESO places a 50-level cap on your character. Then it became Champion Points. The next leveling system is 810.

Start out by focusing on level 50. To quickly level up, do the main quests as well as side quests.

6. Use Experience Scrolls

Experience scrolls are the fastest way to get leveled up. These scrolls can offer you a bonus experience of up to 50%, or even 150%.

Daily Rewards allows you to earn experience scrolls. These can be saved for when you are about to embark on a new quest.

7. Do not Forget the Daily Rewards

To receive free rewards, log in every day. Login and accept the reward, then log out even if you don’t plan to play the game. It’s well worth the effort.

In one month, I was able to score a lot of experience scrolls as well as 100k gold through the daily rewards.

8. Do not Buy a Horse

I remember being frustrated when I first started to play. Every player kept summoning a horse and riding around.

I visited a stablemaster to see that horses were more than 40K gold. It was way beyond my means. I was confused.

Fortunately, I was able to read in a guide that once you reach level 10, you can get a horse for free.

Keep going until you reach level 10. Do not buy a horse.

9. Improve your riding skills

This reminds me that you should also improve your riding skills.

You’ll notice a slow horse when you buy it. You need to improve the horse’s speed. This must be done every day. Speed can be increased by as much as 1% each day, up to 60%

Every day, pay 250 gold to the stablemaster in a town. It is worth it.

10. Upgrade your Backpack

Your backpack will be filled with all sorts of crafting materials, consumables and equipment once you reach level 10. You can upgrade your backpack.

Find a backpack seller in major cities to buy an upgrade.

11. You can travel to other regions by boat

After I had completed the first region, I was confused about how I could travel to other areas. Some regions are located on islands, so the Boatmaster is the only way to move to another area. This was something I needed to know. I hope you don’t have to.

12. Don’t be afraid to craft

A side quest will introduce you to crafting. They were completed, but I decided to not continue the quest until I got deeper into the game. You don’t need to worry about crafting equipment, weapons, or daily crafting quests. You can ignore them until the endgame. It is overwhelming to try and do everything.

It’s worthwhile to invest time in crafting early if you enjoy crafting in MMOs.

13. Find and Sell Items

If you have excess weapons or armor, selling them is the best option. Or researching them. Many items have unique qualities that can be added to your blueprints permanently if you research them. These will be very useful when you reach the endgame.

14. To boost stats, eat food

You will often have to deal with difficult creatures and enemies. The best way to deal is to eat some food before you go against them. Consuming cooked foods like chicken and meat can increase your health and magic.

15. Learn to Cook

This reminds me that you need to learn how to cook. Cooking is something you should continue to do in your craft. You should also buy cooking recipes from professional cooks when you can.

16. Make use of the Bank

You can upgrade items later, or give your characters items you have found. Keep them in the bank. The map will show you where to find the bank. It also gives you decent storage. It’s what I use to store my crafting materials, as I intend to use them later in the game.

17. Search Bookshelves

This should be done as often as possible. You will find that searching bookshelves can sometimes randomly increase your skills. You will know what to do when you see a bookcase.

18. Do The Scarlet Judge Quest

Is it jealousy of the cool clothes that all the other players are wearing? When I started, I felt exactly the same. I was the only one who ran around in the starter costume as a noob.

However, I found this quest ” the Scarlet Judge” which led me to a beautiful costume. This quest can be found in Suran.

19. Join a Guild

It was my best decision. I joined the fighter’s Guild early in the game. Every time I kill an undead enemy or Daedra, it adds XP into my guild skill line. This was very handy as I was able to kill many Daedra in other missions. Join a guild as soon as you can.

20. Be sure to charge weapons

It was a strange red icon that appeared on my screen. It appears when my weapons are low on charge. Sometimes your weapon charge may run out. To recharge your weapon charge, you will need to use soul gemstones

21. Accept Not All Side Missions

I started seeing so many side quests. I am constantly offered a side quest by someone wherever I go. Although it was irritating, I refused to accept the side quests until I had completed the main quests. Next, I started taking side quests. You’ll feel overwhelmed if you accept every mission that comes your way. Take one mission at a given time.

22. Avoid group areas, for now

I find group areas and group missions to be very strange. These are difficult and not worth the effort if you’re low level. These should be saved for the endgame.

23. Save the Soulgems

Soulgems can be used to repair your gear, but they are difficult to find. Use them sparingly.

You’ll find empty soul gems as you travel the globe. These can be filled with a skill that you learn while killing enemies.

This skill can be activated just before you kill an enemy to fill an empty soul gemstone.

24. Do A Dungeon

You can start dungeons once you reach level 40.

ESO’s dungeons are a fun aspect. It’s not easy to survive in a Dungeon at the beginning of ESO. Before you try them, make sure you level up.

Find a team willing to take you.

You can also do solo dungeons with delves. These are just as much fun. Each boss will give you some loot at the end.

25. Complete Endeavors

ESO introduced Endeavors in 2021 to help you earn premium skins and other items.

To earn special currency you can do daily or weekly Endeavors. This currency can then be used to purchase premium items at no cost.

It’s a great way to get cool skin and make the most out of your free time.

As I continue to learn more about the game, I will keep adding tips. If you found this helpful, please share it on Twitter or Facebook.

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